Sarah Palin Joining ‘The View’? Whoopi Goldberg Has Given ‘Her Seal Of Approval’

Whether you like her or hate her, Sarah Palin is a force to be reckoned with. The conservative politician is famous for bringing her views to light in a way that goes against the grain.

In a new report out by Radaronline, Palin is allegedly in talks to join ABC’s The View alongside Whoopi Godlberg and Rosie O’Donnell. An insider tells the celebrity gossip site that the former Alaskan governor would have an excellent platform in mainstream media on the show.

“Sarah has been in talks with The View to become a part of the cast as the voice of the far right. During talks, it was brought to Sarah’s attention that mainstream Americans haven’t heard from her in awhile, despite her appearances on Fox News.”

The video channel that Sarah has launched — Sarah Palin Channel — is supposedly more of an “audition tape” to join The View than having her own niche show online.

“Being very media savvy, Governor Palin decided to launch a video channel as a way to engage with more Americans and prove to network executives that she can create buzz.”

According to the report, the only caveat for Palin is how long she’s able to be away from Alaska. She could work in New York City three weeks a month, the source says.

The source also says that Golderg is fine with Sarah joining The View, but O’Donnell isn’t convinced it’s such a good idea.

“Whoopi Goldberg has given her seal of approval for the hire, but Rosie O’Donnell isn’t sold on it. She is concerned that Palin is just too controversial, and the show will become all about her.”

In early July, Sarah Palin let The Hollywood Reporter know her stand on making TV more interesting from all political sides. She mentions The View in her take on this topic.

“It’d be so much fun to shake it up taking on issues that make audiences objectively consider all sides, and I’d do it with my own real-life groundedness, candor and commonsense that I’m known for. Media needs that today, versus the condescension that oozes from TV and radio. I hear everyone recently got canned from The View, maybe a show like that needs a punch of reality and a voice of reason from America’s heartland to knock some humble sense into their scripts. You know, someone willing to go rogue.”

If Sarah Palin joined The View, it would guarantee fireworks among the notably liberal cast. Watching Sarah debate with Whoopi Goldberg and Rosie O’Donnell would bring some hot arguments during the “Hot Topics” segment.

[Image via Daily Currant]