Dr. Dre, Apple Complete Deal, Opens New Business Doors

Dr. Dre, hip-hop billionaire. This is the beginning of a new style.

According to hiphopdx.com, Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine’s Beats Electronics and Beats Music have been acquired by Apple, Inc. for a purchase price of approximately $2.6 billion and approximately $400 million that will vest over time. Jay-Z and Beyonces’ “On The Run Tour” was officially announced as being sponsored by JP Morgan Chase and American Express’ next “Upstaged” concert showcased the brand “not leaving home without” Pharrell Williams and Spike Lee.

This points to a growing trend between the Hip-Hop community and Corporate America. Many see this business marriage as an opportunity for both sides to grow and prosper. Others see it as a possible Pandora’s Box.

The Dr. Dre-Apple deal is perhaps the best example of where this relationship is going. Nearing the finalization of the deal, a video came out with Dr. Dre proclaiming, “The first billionaire in Hip Hop, right here from the mothaf**kin’ West Coast—believe it.” Later in the video, videographer, singer and actor Tyrese Gibson said that director F. Gary Gray was “drunk off Heineken.” Apple, for its part, did not budge. Though there were some rumors on the internet and some gossip, but it wasn’t enough to dissuade Apple from completing the deal.

Some may think there is reason for concern. Apple, Inc., could be considered a conservative corporation. Dr. Dre began his career in gangsta rap, with great amounts of anti “the man” statements. Consider also that Dr. Dre’s statements on the deal could be considered premature. Many corporations frown on releasing any information before a deal is completed. Is it possible Dr. Dre’s statement caused some concern, or even Gibson’s? Was it timing or even corporate racism? Since the deal went through, it would appear it was that none of those things made a difference. And, with Jay Z, Beyonce, Pharrell Williams and Spike Lee making deals with corporate America’s biggest in spite of any negativity, one thing holds true; business is business.

Apple Insider is reporting that Apple has begun full integration of all Beats Electronic and Beats Music product. A new section on Apple’s website offers Beats’s entire hardware product line, including headphones and portable speakers. Also up for grabs are accessories like protective sleeves and the “Pill Dude” personified speaker stands for the Beats Pill. While Apple already sold most Beats product even before acquiring the company, they were previously lumped into the generic “Headphones” and “Speakers” sections. Six days after the acquisition, Beats closed its online store and referred people to Apple.

Apple rarely re-arranges its online store, though more shakeups are expected under new retail chief Angela Ahrendts. The last major alteration came in January, when the Apple TV gained its own shopping category alongside the Mac, iPad, iPhone, and iPod.

So it’s business as usual. Well, new business as usual.

{Image Via bonsdorap.blogspot.com]