WWE News: WWE Superstar Batista At Odds With WWE Creative Team

When Batista came back to the WWE, it was a shock to everybody involved. At first, he was against the way programming was headed. Batista felt that he didn’t fit with the product. In 2010, the PG era was in full swing with John Cena leading the charge to the promise land. He said that it was getting too kid-friendly and that Batista isn’t kid-friendly.

I couldn’t agree more with his statement, as 2010 was as kid-friendly as the WWE ever got. With the exception of a couple of feuds, men like Batista didn’t acclimate well towards a PG-heavy product.

Since WWE programming turned the aggressiveness on and more can be done in the ring and outside of it, Batista decided to make his return to the squared circle. Regardless of the success of the comeback, he is a wrestler at heart. In an interview with Tampabay.com, Batista reveals that he and the Creative staff were not seeing eye-to-eye before he left.

I put it aside for now, and that really had a lot to do with my obligations to Marvel. But it also had to do with the fact that [WWE and I] weren’t seeing eye-to-eye, creatively. The stuff they were doing with story lines just didn’t make sense to me. … I’d love to go back

Batista should return to the WWE, as expected after the SummerSlam pay-per-view. He is still in the final stretch of promotion for his new movie, Guardians of the Galaxy that has already hit theaters. When he came back though, Batista was full-time. He worked a few house shows that set him apart from a guy like Brock Lesnar.

Recently, Batista took a shot at Lesnar for being a part-time wrestler. He thought it was horrible. Nevertheless, Batista thought the streak shouldn’t have been broken at all, but to a part-time guy went over the top for Batista.


He has always been honest in interviews, even though the WWE is a bit weird at times with being too truthful. That is what sets Batista a part from the rest. The WWE Universe, the portion that consumes the Internet Wrestling Community, respects Batista for saying what is on his mind. If he hates the way an opponent wrestles, or dislikes the way the Creative team handles a story, he will proclaim his beliefs.

As for his problem with the Creative staff, that is warranted. One thing he noted on was the Shield breaking up. Batista felt that the WWE’s hottest young trio wasn’t ready to break away and work individually. Along with the Streak being broken, Batista had enough with the WWE and their mindset.

The break to promote his movie will be a nice rest for Batista and when he is ready to return, it will be much more successful than the first run towards WrestleMania 30. WWE cannot afford to ruin Batista’s final run with the company, because he won’t be coming back when this is over. Just like Shawn Michaels and Chris Jericho, they cannot screw this up.

[Images via Bleacher Report and thisisinfamous.com]