‘Revenge’ Season 4 Spoilers: Casting Scoops, Character Additions, Episode Titles, And More

Revenge season 4 begins next month and a lot in the way of casting and added characters for the show are being revealed.

E! News recently found out that Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.‘s Elena Satine will appear as “Louise” on the show. Going by the entertainment website’s description of Louise, Satine will play a “black sheep” daughter from a wealthy southern family who’ll be up to no good when she moves to the Hamptons. Louise will have “the best of intentions,” but she has a messed up view when it comes to logic. Naturally, she’ll “connect” with one of the other main characters who live in the Hamptons as well.

Other casting additions for Revenge include The Client List‘s Brian Hallisay, who’ll be recurring as Ben, a local cop who befriends Jack. Ben will also be lured by the people Jack surrounds himself with. If fans have kept up with Revenge spoilers all summer, they know James Tupper will be a regular in season 4 as David Clarke.

The first three episodes of the season have titles assigned to them already. Episode 1 is “Renaissance,” episode 2 is “Disclosure,” and episode 3 is “Ashes.”

Cast and crew wrapped filming of “Disclosure” on Tuesday. According to spoilers for when Revenge season 4 begins, Victoria Grayson and Emily Thorne will race to gain some kind of “control” over David Clarke when it comes to what he knows about their pasts. As Enstrarz reports, executive producer Aaron Harberts says “who ever gets to him first will be able to sway the balance of power in their direction for the rest of the season.”

Will that be Emily or Victoria? Victoria might be at a slight disadvantage given the fact she’s in a mental institution. Of course, viewers can never assume something like that would stop someone on Revenge from getting control or power. It’s a mystery what David knows and what his agenda is showing up at the Hamptons. A previous article on The Inquisitr revealed that the character will definitely stir up trouble.

Other spoilers revolving around season 4 have to do with “tapping into the emotions” of the characters. Now that Conrad Grayson and Aiden Mathis are dead, a lot of raw emotions and feelings of anger will be expressed following the season 3 finale. A fresh new approach will be taken with plots without sacrificing the established dynamics of the characters.

Revenge season 4 premieres on Sunday, September 28 at 10 pm, ET/PT on ABC.

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