Blake Fielder-Civil Admits Sex Fantasies

I think I'm going to file this away in my "Pete Doherty Bathes" folder... the one I'd like to forget about as soon as possible! The Sun has revealed that Blake had planned "drug-fuelled sex romps with a woman jailbird he never met." Sigh.

Of course, she's not innocent: Amy is suspected of sleeping with not one, but two men while Blake was in jail. But Blake's letters, written to Melissa Goldstone, 24, who is in jail for two-and-a-half years for conspiracy to supply class "A" drugs, take the cake. They're littered with so much filth that The Sun couldn't even print good stuff from them, and supplied blacked-out letters as proof instead.

It looks like Blake, although keeping his eyes on Melissa, still adores his Amy:

I've told Amy about you and read a bit of one of your letters. It turns her on and she wants to meet ya. I think she might write to you cuz she asked for your address. I don't want her to know about all the personal things I've written to you about but you can tell her we write dirty, naughty letters to each other if you want.

EW. Somehow, yet again, I find myself rooting for poor Amy.