Kate Upton Pregnant? Baby Bump Sighting Could Be Big News Or Weight Gain

Is Kate Upton pregnant? A possible baby bump sighting has tongues wagging about whether the curvaceous model is expecting a little bundle of joy with boyfriend Justin Verlander. If Kate Upton is pregnant, it’s still a secret. There has been neither an official confirmation nor a denial of the recent rumor.

The Christian Post noted that Upton “appeared to be rounder in shape” during a recent public outing. She attended Justin Verlander’s baseball game earlier this month wearing a stylish white ensemble that highlighted her generous curves. When Verlander casually tossed Upton a baseball, someone captured the moment on camera. The resulting images helped fuel the Kate Upton pregnancy rumors.

Kate Upton’s expanding waistline has been under scrutiny since she first came on the scene. It seems that some people are just uncomfortable with a woman who has curves, especially when she is on the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. However, just because a woman’s ribs aren’t clearly visible beneath her skin doesn’t necessarily mean she’s pregnant.

According to a new report by International Business Times, this isn’t the first time Upton has been plagued by pregnancy rumors. People also speculated that Upton was pregnant back when she was dating hunky Dancing With the Stars pro Maksim Chmerkovskiy in 2013.

Apparently all it took was a few extra pounds, a flowing dress and an oversize handbag to start the Kate Upton pregnancy rumors. The pretty blonde hit the trifecta with her recent weight gain, a certain unflattering floral dress worn during a shopping trip and the way she clutched her purse to her belly during a recent date night. The video from the Detroit Tigers game just helped fan the fire.

Upton’s Instagram account doesn’t hold any clues. Thus far this month, she has posted only one single photo. It shows an extreme close-up of a Mercedes grill. Last month, she shared a glamorous pic from Elle magazine with no baby bump in sight.

Is Kate Upton pregnant? The jury is still out on that particular question. However, another alleged celebrity baby bump turned out to be a false alarm.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the lovely and talented Jennifer Garner was spotted recently wearing a clingy tank top that hugged her slightly protruding belly. A paparazzo snapped several photos of Garner that seemed to indicate there was another bun in the oven for her and hubby Ben Affleck. However, her rep later issued a statement refuting the rumor.

What do you think? Is Kate Upton pregnant or just curvy?

[Image by Elle via Kate Upton Instagram]