Pretty Little Liars Teases ‘One Less Liar’ For The #fAtalfinale, Which Liar Will It Be?

Pretty Little Liars only has a few episodes left until the season five finale and if the promo for next week’s episode means anything, then our five little liars could very well become a foursome once again.

ABC Family’s new promo for next week’s new Pretty Little Liars is sending chills down the spines of fans everywhere. As if it wasn’t upsetting enough that Alison’s supposed kidnapper made his first appearance in Tuesday’s episode, now fans are wondering what the hashtag #fAtalFinale is supposed to mean.

The show is known for throwing out different hashtags when something significant is going on throughout the show, and they get intense as each season comes to an end, but this season’s promo is suggesting that one of our Pretty Little Liars may be killed off during the summer finale event! Could it be Alison? Or maybe it might be one of the fabulous four (aka: Aria, Spencer, Hanna, or Emily).

Let’s face it, all of the core liars could be the one who gets killed off, if that’s what the promo is even suggesting. According to one entertainment gossip site, WetPaint, the promo is suggesting that somebody is going to get killed off, but we don’t know who exactly. In the Pretty Little Liars promo, the statement “one less liar” is stated more as a question then anything else, so we can’t say for sure if someone is going to kick the bucket, and if they do, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to be one of the five main liars.

ABC Family sent out a tweet to all their Pretty Little Liars fans warning them to brace themselves for the events to come in the summer finale, and the response on twitter alone has been crazy:

@ABCFpll im so excited dodksididjkddd

— fernanda (@whyshaya) August 7, 2014

So Pretty Little Liars fans! Do you think ABC Family is about to kill off one of your favorite characters? Share who you think it will be in the comments below!

[Image via ABC Family Twitter Feed]