Secretary Tweets Selfies: Swiss Parliament Is Not Amused, Nude Selfies Go Viral

A secretary tweeted selfies from the Swiss parliament, quite racy ones at that, and she is now at the center of quite the uproar. The unnamed woman says she doesn’t think she did anything wrong, but others think she was out of line. Will she get in trouble for the posts?

Reuters shares that the secretary tweeted nude selfies to about 11,000 followers. The photos were taken at her office, which happens to be at Switzerland’s Federal Palace. The woman is said to have maintained that she did not violate any federal employee guidelines. It seems that she believes that though the nude selfies were taken at work, they were fine because they were part of her private life.

A government human resources department spokesman, Anand Jagtap, says, “Parliamentary services with have to decide, based on the specific circumstances, whether this case breaches good faith obligations between employer and employee.” According to Canada Now, the secretary tweeting selfies from the Swiss parliament was outed by another federal employee.

The woman’s Twitter page was public, it seems, but it appears the nude selfies have since been pulled. Granted that doesn’t mean that they aren’t still floating around online, and apparently at least one person is offering to sell them to others. The woman apparently said that the fact her co-workers may see the pictures “is on my mind constantly,” yet it didn’t stop her from posting them in the first place.

The Swiss site Neue Ziircher Zeitung first shared the story regarding the secretary tweeting selfies from the Swiss parliament. Reports indicate that the Federal Personnel Office says that employees should only put images online that they would also show their supervisors or colleagues, and it would seem safe to say this woman probably wouldn’t have regularly shown her superiors her nude selfies. So, why did she post the pictures? Why doesn’t she think she stepped over a line? That much isn’t clear. It would appear that she liked the attention from her growing group of followers, but she didn’t think ahead to the fact someone might bust her on it.

It seems that those familiar with the offices easily pinpointed where they were taken. In addition, there is reportedly an expectation in the government’s Code of Conduct that employees not “impair the reputation and prestige of the federal government,” the NZZ notes. While it seems it is a matter of interpretation whether nude selfies violate those expectations, the woman in the middle of the controversy is definitely generating a lot of buzz. While this is hardly the first story to make headlines involving nude selfies making their way to Twitter, it definitely is a different take on this type of situation.

Will the secretary who tweeted selfies from the Swiss parliament lose her job over the nude photos? That much isn’t clear at this point, and many will be curious to see what comes next with this one.

[Image via The Trent]