Mark-Paul Gosselaar Fires Back At Dustin Diamond For ‘Saved By The Bell’ Tell-All Book

It’s been years since Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Dustin Diamond shared the screen together on the NBC sitcom Saved By The Bell. Since Gosselaar said goodbye to the show in 1994, he’s moved on to a successful career in television.

Dustin Diamond, who stayed on the show through different incarnations until 2000 played the nerdy Samuel “Screech” Powers. As the youngest member of the cast, he often felt alienated and very much like an observer of everything that allegedly went on behind the scenes between Mark-Paul Gosselaar and the other cast members. This was all documented in Diamond’s 2010 tell-all book, which is now being adapted into a movie by Lifetime.

With all of that considered, the cast members can’t escape the news that the tell-all movie is happening.

According to Mark-Paul Gosselaar, he thinks it’s pretty ridiculous.

“Everything that I’ve heard about his book is negative and I don’t remember those things, My experience on the show was very positive and that’s why when people say, ‘Oh, you don’t like talking about it.’ It’s like, No, I don’t mind talking about it, I just don’t really remember that time, and also everything I do remember was extremely positive.”

Gosselaar and his Franklin & Bash co-star Breckin Meyer sat down for an interview with HuffPost live, and of course, the discussion turned to Saved By The Bell. While Gosselaar seemed to let his former co-star off the hook, Breckin Meyer had other words for the Saved By The Bell cast member.

“That guy is such a d–k. I need to say it. The Dustin thing is just so silly. It’s just so negative and it always bums me out. Everyone has nothing but awesome [things] to say about that [show], except for Dustin. That might be you, bro. I think he’s so full of s–t, like his sex tape.”

Diamond’s tell-all accused the cast mates of hooking up and made serious claims against the boys. One rumor had Mark-Paul Gosselaar on steroids, while another accused Mario Lopez of raping a girl.

Odds are the film is being made to cash in on fan nostalgia in hopes that it will be huge for the network. Lifetime’s hope of scoring a ratings high isn’t too far fetched. When the news was announced, it spread across the Internet and even became a trending topic on Twitter.

Here’s what Lifetime’s version of the cast looks like:

Mark-Paul’s thoughts on the tell-all book are in line with other cast members that were asked about the new film. As we reported, Elizabeth Berkley said she was “not curious” about the movie.

At the time, Berkley told Us Weekly:

“I know nothing about what they are planning. I’m not really curious about it because we know the life we led, and I have no idea what their picture of it is. So who knows!”

Will you watch the Lifetime movie?

[Image via NBC]