Christina Aguilera: Singer’s Charity Preggy Pics Will Inspire You To Help The Needy

Christina Aguilera is probably the hottest pregnant woman on Earth right now. The singer’s photoshoot last week had the internet buzzing after pictures of her naked and proudly bearing a preggy tummy drove the performer’s fans crazy. And it’s definitely not Aguilera’s first time to pose naked while pregnant. According to a recent report by the Inquisitr. the Genie in a Bottle singer also posed in the nude for Marie Claire while she was pregnant with now six-year-old Max.


Christina’s latest preggy photos aren’t as alluring as her naked shoots, but the story behind them will make you fall in love with her even more. IQ recently revealed her involvement with Yum! Foods for a mission to feed people in developing countries. In an effort to provide more to impoverished people in third world nations, Christina teamed up with major humanitarian supporters and encouraged her fans to join the cause. The singer told E!:

“Very soon I’ll be the mother of two children and I’m so grateful that I can provide for them, but there are millions of moms around the world who can’t feed their kids. This cup is the symbol of hope for kids who receive one meal a day from the world food program.”


To promote the cause, the Daily Mail revealed a few photos of Christina Aguilera posing with a red cup on her pregnant belly, inviting everyone on her latest charity campaign called “Pass the Red Cup”. It aims to help sustain impoverished nation’s food supply by providing meals to people in red cups.

Aguilera is perhaps one of the most passionate celebs when it comes to charity. The singer has been to Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo, and other African countries to actively support the humanitarian efforts in the African nations. In a recent HuffPost piece, Christina revealed her history of helping other people:

“Since 2009, when I first volunteered as a spokesperson for Yum! Brands’ World Hunger Relief effort to help raise awareness, volunteerism and funds for WFP, I wasn’t aware how much my involvement would touch me. My goal is to use my voice to shine the spotlight on hunger. Along the way, I’ve been moved and inspired in words that are hard to articulate.”

She’s calling on to everyone – including you – to lend a hand to the current efforts in these impoverished area. Christina Aguilera wants you to help!

[Images from Hilton Media Group]