New Jersey Cop Says Obama ‘Decimated’ The Constitution So He No Longer Has To Follow It

A New Jersey police officer told a man videotaping inside a public building that President Barack Obama has “decimated” the Constitution so the cop is no longer bound to following its dictates either. The law enforcement officer, identified as Richard Recine, is now reportedly under investigation for the recorded comment.

The incident began after New Jersey resident Steve Wronko took a videocamera inside the municipal building. Wronko said he was investigating alleged problems at the Helmetta Animal Shelter. Richard Recine ultimately stopped Wronko and demanded to know why he was filming inside the building.

Wronko referenced his First Amendment rights multiple times when being questioned about filming inside the public building. The man stated that the right to free speech allowed him to record inside the building without fear of being suspected of committing a crime. Wronko the cited case law in an attempt to convince Officer Recine to agree with his point of view.

The New Jersey police officer is heard saying:

“Obama has decimated the friggin’ Constitution, so I don’t give a d**n. Because if he doesn’t have to follow the Constitution, we don’t have to.”

Wronko turned to a teenager manning the video camera and said, “Did you get that?” He then turned to the police officer and said, “That’s the law of the land, you have to follow it.” Richard Recine appeared unconvinced by the argument. “Then you tell Obama that,” he replied.

Later on in the video Police Director Robert Manney appears and tells Wronko that is he is being disruptive he will have to leave the premises. Director Manney is also reportedly heard telling the man that he must tell police officers what he is doing inside a public building when asked.

Steve Wronko is ultimately escorted out of the New Jersey municipal building a short time later. “Either get out, or you’re going to get locked up,” a voice identified as the police director’s is heard saying of camera. When the law enforcement official is informed later about officer Recine’s statement regarding President Obama decimating the Constitution, he appeared displeased. Director Manney called the comments “unprofessional” and “uncalled for.” The New Jersey police official said an investigation into the officer’s conduct should be concluded shortly because the evidence exists on the video recording. “I’ve already spoken to that officer in regards to that. In my opinion it’s an embarrassment,” Director Manney added.

What do you think about the police officer’s assertion that President Obama has decimated the Constitution and the First Amendment rights of the citizen with a video camera?

[Image Via: YouTube screenshot]