Breaking NBA News: Kevin Love Officially Traded To Cleveland Cavaliers

In a breaking news report from ESPN, it appears that the Cleveland Cavaliers have finally acquired Kevin Love via trade. Dating back to the moment LeBron James arrived in Cleveland, rumors were swirling about Kevin Love and if he would end up there. The only problem with this was that the Cavs would have to trade for him and probably end up giving up their last few first round picks, including the current one, Andrew Wiggins.

Other deals were on the table for Kevin Love, including Golden State jumping in to see if they could make a big move to grab the big man. Many think that if the Warriors grabbed Love, they had a team that could compete next year. He was seen as their “one piece away.” Love seemed to always want to end up with the Cavs, however, and knew that if James went there, he would push for the trade.

Finally, the trade happened. The details of the trade seemed to be what everyone expected. The Cavs get Kevin Love, of course. The Minnesota Timberwolves get Andrew Wiggins, Anthony Bennett, and a 2015 first round pick. The deal is actually good for both teams. This gives the Wolves some depth and a future pick to do with what they will, although we can probably expect it to NOT be the first overall this time.

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The agreement also will put Kevin Love under a new contract in 2015. The rumored amount according to Yahoo Sports is a five-year, $120 million-plus contract extension. The Cavs didn’t want to trade for Love not knowing if he would jump ship next year. So it seems like the Cavs will most likely end up signing him before the 2015 year ends. They have the space to do it.

The one thing that Kevin Love would have an issue with would be staying past the LeBron James comeback. The former MVP and NBA Champion has not signed on for a max deal with his hometown team. He signed on for 2 years. So if James decides to leave near 2017, Love would be forced to play for a team he only wanted to be on because of LeBron. So the negotiations with Love and the Cavs will certainly hinge on this as a tactic for as much money as possible.

Despite Kevin Love’s impressive numbers, he has never been to the NBA Playoffs. It is almost a guarantee that having James alone will make the Cavs a Playoff team in the East, so Love may finally get his shot at post-season glory and an NBA Championship.

For now however, Kevin Love has a new home and the NBA’S Eastern Conference just became a lot more fun.

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