Greg Oden, NBA Rising Star, Arrested For Admittedly Punching Ex-Girlfriend

Greg Oden, not unlike most Celebrities of varying occupations, can not seem to stay wholesome and honorable. We are constantly inundated with stars in midst of violence or nude "selfies", and Mr. Oden does not seem to be an exception. The career of Greg Oden seems to be constantly tarnished by injury or scandal. The former Ohio State Buckeye who rose to stardom in 2007, after a first round draft pick by the Trail Blazers, Greg Oden seemed to be trail blazing his way to stardom in the NBA. Shortly after Greg Oden's career kicked off with the Trail Blazers in 2009, injury put him out of the game for three years. To add insult to injury, he became a victim of the "leaked" celebrity nude photo craze. In 2010, the Inquisitr reported:

A set of naked mirror pics featuring the 21-year-old player have surfaced on, said to be sourced from "a jumpoff" and featuring the playa in various states of undress.
Last year, Mr. Oden got a fresh new start when he was picked up by the Miami Heat. It did not take long for him to take off from there. Greg Oden's coach labeled his first performance as "the old shaq-effect". It seemed like his career would only go up. Thursday morning, police in Lawrence, Indiana were called to the home of Gregory Oden's mother at 3:30 am. The police were responding to a disturbance at Mr. Oden's home. Wish-TV reported:
When police arrived they spoke with a female victim who was laying on a sofa with blood on her face. Police also spoke with a witness identified as the victim's friend. She said, 'he punched her in the face, my hand hurts and I just want to go home.'

Medical personnel arrived but the victim refused treatment, the report said. She told police that she fell but was unable to provide further details and was uncooperative, police said.

Photo Credit: Screenshot from Twitter Breaking News
All reports seem to indicate, an unspecified relative of the Mr. Oden's was present, as well as the victim's friend. According to USA Today, the victim's friend told police:
'He punched her in the face,' the witness said, according to the report.

The victim initially was 'uncooperative,' police said.

The victim's best friend, police said, told the woman, 'There isn't that much love in the world. You need to tell that he punched you in the face.'

According to Fox 59, Greg Oden's "relative" seemed to confirm this was nothing new. They told the police that whenever the the two went out "there is an argument that follows". Mr. Oden has admitted to the altercation when police arrived and met him outside of the residence. Reports indicated he was "calm, apologetic, and cooperative". ABC's RTV 6 reported that Mr. Oden said he was wrong and "knows what has to happen". He admitted that the friend and relative tried to hold him back when fight got out of hand, but did not stop him from making contact with his fist. Mr. Oden was driven to a Marion County jail for processing. Greg Oden will be arraigned on a charge of battery. No further information is available at this time.