'Big Brother 2014' Spoilers: A Week 6 Eviction Blindside Plan Emerges

Stacy Carey

Fans of Big Brother 2014 may have thought that Thursday's first eviction was set in stone, but it looks like things have changed around quite substantially. Wednesday night some seriously talk occurred, and Big Brother spoilers from the live feeds indicate that this week's target has changed and a few houseguests are in for a shocker.

Big Brother Network shared the latest BB16 spoilers. For most of the week, the house has been looking to evict Zach Rance over Jocasta Odom. It would have been a strong game move, and fans were anxious to see some chaos erupt in the house, even though many find Zach to be pretty entertaining. Thursday's show is a double eviction, and Zach's departure could have set the stage for a wild evening.

That all changed Wednesday night. Though most of the house was set on keeping Jocasta over Zach, people started talking and questioning the plan. Caleb questioned the idea, thinking they'd be losing a key vote on their side. Cody and Derrick talked, and thought Caleb had a valuable point, and Frankie joined them in their talk.


At various points of the evening, Christine was brought into the conversations, and the plan Nicole considered where she would backdoor Frankie if the POV were used was broadly shared. Later, Cody and Derrick found time to talk without anybody else around, and they discussed the possibility that perhaps Nicole has been playing them. They think keeping Zach will keep their numbers strong.

Christine and Cody also talk, and they loop in Frankie with how things have been playing out. They push that Nicole and Hayden have been playing everybody, and they talk about keeping Zach and targeting Hayden and Nicole. Though Zach has slept through the whole thing, things have quickly shifted, and it looks like he will be safe.

Late in the night, BigBrother spoilers from the live feeds revealed that Caleb and Frankie got a chance to talk to Zach. They fill him in, though they don't exactly come clean about how they were all planning to vote him out until a few hours ago. They say they are now planning to blindside Nicole and Hayden by keeping him. At this point, they think the vote will be 6-2 to keep Zach.

As Buddy TV points out, the first Head of Household competition during Thursday's live show will be crucial. It's a double eviction week, which the viewers know but the houseguests do not. Nicole and Hayden, along with Donny, are in big trouble, and they have to win HOH to try to keep the Detonators from picking them off.

Though some fans have been a bit bored with some of this summer's events, this blindside may be entertaining to watch. While things could still develop throughout the day, it does seem solid now that Zach will stay, Jocasta will leave, and Donny, Hayden and Nicole will be caught quite off-guard. Tune in to Big Brother 2014 airing on CBS on Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday nights to see just what comes next.

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