Calvin Harris Understandably Upset About ‘Ghost Producer’ Rumors

Calvin Harris wants everyone on the planet to know that he isn’t using a “ghost producer” on his albums. To set the record straight, the DJ headed to Twitter.

For those who are wondering why Calvin would get so upset about such an accusation, let us explain it like this: An EDM artist using a “ghost producer” on his or her records is not unlike a rapper using a “ghost writer” to pen some rhymes. It’s a pretty serious accusation, one that Harris apparently didn’t take lightly.

According to the Daily Record, Calvin Harris decided to squash these rumors by issuing a handful of posts on Twitter. Although we won’t go as far as to say that the DJ was furious or angry about the reports, his messages were certainly stern and to the point.

“Producing is something that I am good at. I also write songs. Lyrics. And I mix them. And sometimes I sing them. F**k ye,” Harris wrote.

Honest to God nothing more annoying than people telling me i have a ghost producer smh

— Calvin Harris (@CalvinHarris) August 6, 2014

Working on this 16 years to be told some old guy in a secret studio must be making my records for me

— Calvin Harris (@CalvinHarris) August 6, 2014

Dealing with folks who think he’s faking his skills isn’t the only thing keeping Calvin Harris busy these days. 3 News NZ reports that the musician is keeping tabs on ex-girlfriend Rita Ora so he can avoid running into her in public. The pair famously went their separate ways earlier this year, a split that has seriously delayed the singer’s next album.

A source explained:

“Calvin has been asking mutual friends to keep him in the loop of her plans so they avoid each other. He’s been doing everything he can to avoid bumping into her. Calvin is in Vegas almost every week and feels like it’s his turf. He doesn’t want the pressure of worrying about seeing her.”

The Inquisitr previously reported that Calvin Harris ended up giving some of the songs he wrote for Ora to singer former America’s Got Talent contestant Alexis Jordan. It’s currently unclear what will happen to Rita’s album as a result.

An insider dished:

“Alexis has an amazing voice that works really well with house music, she`s a fan of the genre and hoping to put new material out soon. He’d made a lot of songs for her [Ora] but they`re now likely to go to other artists.”

Do you believe Calvin Harris uses a “ghost producer” on his albums?

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