WWE News: TNA Superstar Jeff Hardy Returning To The WWE?

The Enigma Jeff Hardy, since leaving the WWE in 2009, has lit up Impact Wrestling by storm. He’s been a multiple-time TNA World champion and one of the most popular wrestlers they currently occupy. As a talented wrestler and charisma oozing from the man, Hardy used to dominate the WWE before his drug record caught up to him.

Since that moment, the WWE never showed an interest in bringing back Hardy. Something might have happened to change their minds, because the Wrestling Observer Newsletter is reporting that the WWE is once again interested in Jeff Hardy coming back to the company, despite the drug record.

Nothing is official, but the thought process is there by Vince McMahon and Triple H. Recently, Hardy talked about how much he misses the WWE and his desire to go back.

From time to time I’ll turn on Raw and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss the WWE Universe man, because they, what a … the crowds. When I watch, it hurts a little bit. I’m going ‘oh man, that’s my creatures man, my fans’.They’ve supported me so much. And even on the Instagram posts that’s all I ever see. ‘Go back to WWE. You said you’d come back. It’s never forever, it’s just for now’.

Hardy did note that it could take 10 or 15 years to end up with the company that made him a worldwide name in professional wrestling. They are in need of superb babyface wrestlers. John Cena, Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose are the only main-event level babyfaces the WWE has right now. CM Punk was the clear-cut top face, but he isn’t returning to the company for quite a long time.

Jeff Hardy

Another piece to add to the puzzle is the potential cancellation of TNA wrestling on Spike TV. Hardy could be out of a job on television soon and with a man of his caliber and popularity, Hardy needs to be on television wrestling for the millions, not thousands.

Hardy could jump right back in to the main-event scene and do the same thing he’s done for 10 years and that is light up the crowd. Just to reminisce about Cameron, North Carolina-native, here’s a video of him performing the Whisper in the Wind on Umaga off the top of the steel cage:

Hardy performed crazy stunts like this, just to provide entertainment to the WWE Universe. Jim Ross provided excellent commentary to his outrageous Whisper in the Wind. Randy Orton’s face portrayed the kind of raw emotion Hardy used to emit during his WWE tenure.

Yes, Hardy endured an ugly past of drugs and alcohol. The WWE proved they could look past that. Look at the resurgence of Ric Flair as a great example. Flair’s past may be worse than Hardy’s, but McMahon and HHH let it go by the wayside. If they continue their approval of newborn goodness, Jeff Hardy will be in a WWE ring sooner than you think.

[Images via WWE.com and Bleacher Report]