Married Couple Searching For Birth Mother Discover They Are Siblings

A husband and wife searching for their birth mother who had abandoned them as infants discover they are actually half-siblings. The couple found out the shocking information during a Brazilian radio show’s “Angel of Meetings” series.

The Brazilian radio show, The Time Is Now (unofficial translation) had “Adriana” (real name withheld on radio for privacy reasons) on the show once her birth mother had been located. The radio show specializes in finding missing persons and reuniting them, according to Radio Globo. Adriana and her mother Maria were reunited via an on-air phone call.

Adriana, who has a 6-year-old daughter with her husband Leandro, asked, “Mother, you had other children besides me?” The woman replied that she had a son with man other than Adriana’s father and had named him Leandro. Adriana, distraught and crying, then informed her birth mother that her husband shared the same name and was also searching for his biological parents.

After the shock had apparently subsided just a little bit, the Brazilian radio show host delved deeper into the odd turn of events with Adriana. The wife said that after learning the biological mother on her husband’s birth certificate was also named Maria, it had crossed her mind that they could be siblings. Maria is a common name, perhaps Adriana considered the similarity just a coincidence.

Leandro, who lives in Sao Paulo, had been searching for his birth mother for many years. She abandoned him when he was eight and he was raised by his step-mother. Leandro, 37, and Adriana, 39, have been a couple for a decade. Adriana’s mother abandoned her when she was one and she too was raised by her father.

Because the couple now knows that they are half siblings, their marriage would not be legal under Brazilian law. It was also ultimately revealed that the couple was never legally married, they just considered themselves to be in a “marriage-like” or common law marriage. Legalities aside, Adriana stated that she and her half-brother intend to remain in a committed romantic relationship and raise their daughter together.

Adriana also had this to say on the Brazilian radio show:

“We have so many plans together. Nothing is going to break us up. Now I’m scare to go home and find out Leandro doesn’t want me anymore. I love him so much. Only death is going to separate us. All this happened because God wanted it to happen. Of course it would have been different if we had known all this before, but we didn’t and we fell in love.”

The couple may have experienced Genetic Sexual Attraction, according to a report in The Independent. The term describes the feelings two adults who were separated during the “critical years of development and bonding” experience when reunited years later as adults. Although Adriana and Leandro’s story may sound like a hoax, soap opera fodder, or a bizarre reality show, relationship experts say otherwise. In 2008, a pair of separated at birth twins later met and married after being adopted by different family. After discovering they were twins, the marriage was annulled.

What do you think about the Brazilian radio show revealing that the “married” couple were brother and sister?

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