Alcohol Involved in Lutzenkirchen Death

Alcohol was involved in former Auburn tight end Philip Lutzenkirchen’s death on June 30, with both the driver and the football player being legally intoxicated at the time of the crash, coroner’s documents reveal. Alcohol had been previously suspected of being involved and that has now been confirmed by the toxicology report.

When Inquisitr first reported Lutzenkirchen’s death, police had speculated that alcochol was involved.

Tests of the driver in the fatal accident show, according to USA Today, that he was more than twice the legal limit (.17 versus.08). The supplemental crash report from Georgia State Police stated that alcohol was involved and gave toxicology reports for each of the victims. Further, neither of those killed, which included Joseph Ian Davis (the driver) and Lutzenkirchen, were wearing seatbelts and were ejected from the vehicle on impact. Lutzenkirchen’s blood alcohol level is reported as being an extremely high.337. While alcohol was involved, the drug report from the toxicology tests is still pending.

The incident occurred early in the morning on June 29 when the 2006 Chevrolet Tahoe containing Davis, Lutzenkirchen, and two other passengers crashed in LaGrange, Georgia. The driver failed to slow or yield for a stop sign at an intersection, passed through it and landed in a ditch, ejecting the driver and passenger (Lutzenkirchen) with no seatbelts. Another passenger, also not wearing a seatbelt, was slightly injured but not killed.

According to the Albany Herald, Lutzenkirchen had a short career (2009-2012) at Auburn before being signed as a free agent to the St. Louis Rams and then getting cut. The tight end is credited with having a notable role in the team’s championship win in 2010 and holds the Auburn record for most career touchdowns. He was working at a financial firm and coaching football players as a sideline. His Auburn career spanned 59 passes for 628 yards and 14 touchdowns.

On July 2, thousands of people gathered to honor Lutzenkirchen during a memorial service at Lassiter High’s Frank Fillmann Stadium, located in Lutzenkirchen’s hometown of Marietta, Georgia. The Auburn football team has expressed interest in honoring Lutzenkirchen in some form during the upcoming season, says the Albany Herald.

The incident with alcohol involved now takes a different turn for some and illustrates the dangers of drunk driving. Honorary services at Auburn could highlight that as part of their memorial.