Tantrum Bound Baby? Try Soothing With Katy Perry (video)

All parents have been there — you’re in the car and your tired baby is just about to have a full-blown tantrum. It starts with the whining, the nose turns upward, and the tears begin to emerge. Many methods have been tried to soothe the child and prevent the havoc that is about to explode.

One mom, Eva Baker, found the perfect trick, according to Parent Dish. Eva turned up the car radio and began playing Katy Perry’s Dark Horse.

Nine MSN reports that as soon as the intro started, the pint size Katy Perry fan’s mouth was wide open with great pleasure. And as soon as Juicy J finishes his rap and Katy Perry pipes in with her lyrics, the baby goes nuts. She is all smiles, pumping her arms and legs to the music. All troubles seem to have melted away into oblivion.

Move over Baby Beethoven, Katy Perry is now your competition. One can only wonder if the tantrum resumed once the song was over. Hopefully, it was a CD and Perry’s Dark Horse could be played over and over. Otherwise, Eva Baker’s moment of peace was short-lived at 3 minutes and 36 seconds.

Photo Credit: ParentDish.com