New Jersey Bank Robber Wearing ‘Duck Dynasty Beard’ Robs Bank… Twice

You just know the Duck Dynasty long beards are now officially a fashion statement even if crime reports from New Jersey are mentioning that bank robbers are wearing the hair on their chin in a similar manner to Phil Robertson’s family. But is it even fair to refer to criminals and Duck Dynasty in the same sentence?

In a related report by The Inquisitr, the long beards of Duck Dynasty are about as famous as their namesakes, so can you imagine the guys putting flowers in their beards?

Well, if the bank robber had followed that new hipster fashion trend then police probably would not be having such a problem tracking him down. In New Jersey, Monroe Township police say they are still searching for a suspect who has robbed Monroe Savings Bank twice in recent months.

The first bank robbery took place on June 5, but the most recent incident occurred on Saturday, August 2, when a man entered the bank in the morning around 10 AM. The bank tellers describe the man as sporting a “Duck Dynasty style beard” and based upon the above photo there isn’t much else to go on since he was wearing a grey hoodie in order to hide his features.

According to the South Jersey Times, the “suspect is described as a thin, white male, approximately 5 feet, seven inches tall, with a thin build. He was wearing a gray, hooded sweatshirt and black pants, as well as the fake beard.” We’re pretty this guy is no relation to Phil’s family since he’s also described as having “squinty eyes” and a “very large, pointy nose.”

Comments on the website for the original article complained that it was uncalled for to reference a “Duck Dynasty style beard” when describing a bank robber:

“A fake beard is now a Duck Dynasty beard? If he were bi-racial would it be an Obama mask?”

Of course, it was the bank tellers saying this, not reporters, so it’s not like there was any bias in the reporting. Still, it just goes to show how much Duck Dynasty has affected American culture.

Citizens who may know anything about the identity of the bank robber are urged to contact DSG. Gene Sulzbach at 856-728-9800 ext. 605 or Det. Anthony Canonica at ext. 235.