Juan Pablo Galavis, Nikki Ferrell Profess Their Love: ‘The Bachelor’ Pair Hitting High Notes Together

Is Juan Pablo Galavis finally publicly professing his love for Nikki Ferrell? It would appear so, as it seems The Bachelor star’s birthday may have brought out his emotional side. Juan Pablo and Nikki have been spending some quality time together in Miami this past week or so, and it seems to be going quite well.

The mushy sentiments played out Tuesday via social media. Nikki Ferrell shared a picture of her man with his daughter Camila as they blew out candles on his birthday cake. Ferrell wrote, “It’s not your birthday without cake. Happy Birthday babe! I hope all your bday wishes come true!” The post very quickly raked in nearly 20,000 likes.

The Bachelor himself got in on the lovefest right around the same time. Juan Pablo Galavis tweeted, “Thanks for such an SPECIAL day, GREAT dinner and TV watching with Camila… Te Quiero Mucho Mi Catira @Nikki_Ferrell…” The Spanish portion translates to say, “I love you very much my blonde.” Since their finale aired, Juan Pablo has regularly referred to Nikki as “Mi Catira,” but it isn’t often that he’s been willing to open up beyond that. Some would say a birthday filled with love seems like the perfect time to throw it out there on social media, and the couple’s fans definitely took notice.

Though Juan Pablo and Nikki had gone about five weeks earlier this summer without sharing any photos or updates with fans regarding their relationship, they’re making up for lost time now. Galavis and Ferrell have said that they are doing well, and they do seem to be making the most of this bit of time they have together. Camila has been present for a lot of their activites, and their fans would say they make an adorable trio.

Nikki and Juan Pablo filmed their finale last November, and many The Bachelor fans thought they would split within a matter of weeks after the final rose ceremony and “After the Final Rose” special aired this spring. However, at least for now, they are proving the doubters wrong. It is said that they will be appearing on the VH1 show Couples Therapy this fall, and many will be quite curious to see how that goes.

Will Juan Pablo and Nikki stay together for the long haul and prove their doubters wrong? They still get a lot of criticism and there definitely are The Bachelor fans who think they are more pretense than substance, but most would admit they do seem to be defying the odds so far. Could Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell join the ranks of the successful franchise couples like Sean and Catherine, Desiree and Chris, Andi and Josh, Ashley and JP, Jason and Molly and Trista and Ryan? It had seemed like quite the longshot, but they just may pull it off.

[Image via Juan Pablo Galavis’ Instagram]