Kate Middleton Confronts Prince Harry Over Heavy Drinking, Even Queen And Prince William Concerned

Kate Middleton has allegedly confronted her brother-in-law, Prince Harry, over his heavy drinking, warning that his constant boozing is “killing” him.

According to GLOBE Magazine’s upcoming August 18 edition, Harry’s drinking has become so prevalent that even his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, and his brother, Prince William, are concerned for his life.

Harry’s boozy antics have helped him to attain a party-boy reputation, something that he laps up with aplomb. However, after splitting from his long-time girlfriend, Cressida Bonas, earlier this year, Harry has been hitting the bottle a little bit too hard. In public appearances Harry constantly manages to look happy and acts cordially, but behind the scenes his life is apparently a wreck.

The Duchess of Cambridge, who has always maintained a close relationship with her brother-in-law, has now taken it upon herself to confront Harry over his issues. According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, she has revealed that the amount he is drinking could lead him to an early grave, while she has even tried to shock some sense into him and she is even contemplating taking drastic action to stop his behavior.

Queen Elizabeth and Prince William are also of the opinion that Harry’s split with Bonas has exacerbated his problem, and while they still hold hope that he can pull through this tumultuous time with his reputation intact they don’t want it to get any worse.

It’s also been alleged that while William and The Queen are both “disappointed” and “disgusted” with Harry’s constant intoxication, Kate has a more “realistic” and “sympathetic” view of his plight.


Of course, Harry has always been one to get caught up in mischief. Just last month the youngest child of Prince Charles and Princess Diana was spotted at a Secret Garden Party Festival in Huntingdon. According to MStarz, Harry didn’t hold back on the booze too and he enjoyed “plenty of beer” as he mingled with the regulars.

Harry’s rebellious reputation was attained after he was caught smoking cannabis and drinking under-age when he was just 17-years-old. He even physically clashed with members of the press when he was caught outside of a nightclub.

Harry was also forced to apologize after he was photographed dressed in a Nazi German Africa Korps uniform wearing a swastika armband during a Colonial and Native fancy dress party, plus he was also caught using racist language to describe two friends of different ethnicity while serving in the military abroad, and in 2012 various nude photos of him in Las Vegas hotel room were published after a game of strip billiards.

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