Burkina Faso, Niger deny they’re harboring Gaddafi

After losing control of the Libyan government in the Battle of Tripoli, Muammar Gaddafi was suspected to have fled the country, possibly in the direction of Niger or neighboring Burkina Faso.

Speculation kicked off as to Gaddafi’s whereabouts after several members of Gaddafi’s government were spotted in Niger earlier this week, traveling by convoy. Niger’s justice minister Marou Amadou denies that Gaddafi is in the country, however, and promises that, if Gaddafi seeks refuge in Niger, he will inform the International community.

Just two weeks ago, Burkina Faso, a small West African country located just southwest of Niger, offered Gaddafi asylum in their country. Just two days ago, however, a government spokesman publicly withdrew the offer, and President Blaise Compaore denied that Gaddafi was in the country. President Compaore went on to say that neither Gaddafi nor any of his family has sought refuge in the country.

To further complicate the situation, both Niger and Burkina Faso recently recognized the National Transitional Council, an organization created by leaders of the rebellion. Essentially, this means that Niger and Burkina Faso recognize Libya’s current interim leaders as the rightful government in Tripoli.

Another region speculated to possibly house Gaddafi is the Sahelian region, located south of Libya, where many remain loyal to Gaddafi.


via voanews