UFO Over Germany Baffles Experts: Mysterious Black Triangle UFO Elicits Mixed Reactions

A UFO over Germany was captured on camera, and the resulting video is eliciting mixed reactions from experts. It was posted to YouTube by a prolific user called O7TV, whose many offerings include not only videos of unidentified flying objects but also flying dragons and allegedly real mermaids frolicking off the coast of California. The UFO over Germany is just one of many viral videos owned by Audio Color World.

According to Scott C. Waring, who runs UFO Sightings Daily, the Germany UFO video is legit.

“The fact that the person blurred out the face of the kid and didn’t get the UFO in the dead center of the video is what causes me to believe this is real. Also, the lighting and shading on the UFO matches that of the trees and the bars of [the] jungle gym.”

However, there is a problem with the black triangle UFO over Germany, and one YouTube comment by user Crunchy Frog describes it perfectly. On August 5, 2014, CrunchyF123 wrote:

“its cgi

as the object goes behind the tree it obscures part of the leaves meaning it was VERY SMALL so its no rc drone. it has to be cgi and the mistake was to not mask out the tree edge correctly. “

If you look at a close-up of the frame in question, you can see what Crunchy Frog means.

Crunchy Frog isn’t the only one who thinks the UFO over Germany is a fake. According to The Huffington Post, chief photo and video analyst for the Mutual UFO Network Marc Dantonio has also expressed his concern about the validity of the video. Dantonio sent an email to HuffPo explaining that the black triangle UFO “should appear to move smoothly through the sky” but doesn’t.

“As the camera moves, the object shifts in the sky in direct correlation to the movements of the camera. This shows me that this is a CG composition where the UFO flying in the sky was poorly tracked with ground objects. This happens several times.”

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, another July 2014 UFO sighting also made headlines this month. A man from Milan, Italy reportedly recorded an unusual unidentified flying object from the skylight of his apartment.

He posted the UFO video on YouTube and called it, “Entidad Biological Anomalous No Identificada,” which translates into English as “Unidentified Anomalous Biological Entity.” In other words, the man who recorded the Italy UFO video and posted it to YouTube allegedly believed that what he witnessed was a living organism.

What do you think of the latest viral video of a black triangle UFO over Germany?

[Image by O7TV on YouTube via The Huffington Post]