Did Daniel Cormier Start A Fight With Jon Jones As A Publicity Stunt?

The Inquisitr recently reported on the brawl that broke out between UFC heavyweight champion Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier at a press event to promote their fight in September. Now, some new developments suggest Daniel Cormier may have started the fight on purpose to further promote the fight and rake in some extra cash.

Yahoo News reported that the fight between Cormier and Jones on Monday has brought bad press to UFC, but it will also bring in a lot of money. It’s left fans wondering as to whether or not Cormier’s decision to shove Jones on the press conference stage was a calculated move to raise ratings and sell tickets to the upcoming fight.

“Even though what happened wasn’t acceptable, the fight is so much bigger than it was a couple days ago,” Daniel Cormier told Yahoo Sports on Wednesday. “We’ve had some big fights. Any time Georges St-Pierre fights, any time Anderson Silva fights, it’s a big deal. It’s on that level now. It was on Good Morning America. That doesn’t happen in MMA very often. [UFC CEO] Lorenzo [Fertitta] called us and talked to us. He was pretty upset man, but I don’t know how upset he is going to be with the PPV numbers.”

It is estimated that UFC fight 178 between Cormier and Jones will be the biggest UFC event of 2014, with PPV points likely to bring in record earnings to the Ultimate Fighting Championship. It’s very possible that all the media buzz around Cormier and Jones press conference fight will create a large spike in interest for their fight in the ring, because viewers will be especially curious to know which fighter will come out victorious in this grudge match.

The Bleacher Report reported on a subsequent press event with Jon Jones wherein he stated his intentions for the upcoming battle with Daniel Cormier. He promised he would beat Cormier up after their press conference brawl, but now Jones has taken his threats a step further.

“It’s going to be intimate,” said Jon Jones. “I’m going to make him my wife. You’re going to be Mrs. Jones for the night. I’m going to rub on that big ole belly, and you’re going to like it.”

Daniel Cormier responded:

“It’s [my belly is] going to be right in your face. I’m going to put it right in your face. I’m going to smother you with my big ole fat belly.”

Check out the video below to see the question and answer session with Jones and Cormier.

Why do you think Daniel Cormier started the fight? And will you root for Cormier or Jones when the dispute is finally settled?