Jenelle Evans: ‘Teen Mom’ Star Confesses Her True Feelings About Her Own Mother

Jenelle Evans, a reality star from Teen Mom, recently came clean about the way she really feels about her own mother, Barbara Evans.

Fans who have followed Janelle through thick and thin know that Jenelle has not always had positive feelings for her mother. While Jenelle’s mother struggled to keep up with her daughter’s stormy life and provide support for her daughter, Jenelle didn’t seem to notice. Barbara Evans famously supported her daughter through her adolescent pregnancy and after her grandson, Jace, was born when Jenelle could not or was unwilling to care for him, according to Reality TV Magazine.

Now Jenelle’s mother has custody of her oldest son, according to WebProNews.

Perhaps Jenelle’s feelings for her mother are changing as she gets older and takes on parenting another child without her mom’s help. Recently Jenelle was answering questions from her followers on Twitter, and a fan asked who the biggest inspiration, mentor, and supporter was in her life. Jenelle Evans was quick to come up with a surprising answer.

“This def. is my mom! She has been there for [me] through the ROUGHEST parts in my life and still loved me for me,” Evans wrote on her Twitter feed.

Jenelle Evans, Barbara Evans, and Janelle's son
Jenelle Evans recognizes that her mom has done a lot for her and her son, Jace.

Jenelle currently has a second son, Kaiser, with boyfriend Nathan Griffin. Nathan has a child from a previous relationship, and he does not have custody of that child, according to the Inquisitr. Jenelle and Nathan have been raising Kaiser without much outside help, but Nathan does have family close by.

Evans has reportedly been working hard on turning her turbulent life around, and eventually she may have custody of her firstborn son once again. In order to do that, she knows that she must have a good relationship with her mother just to see her son on occasion. Since Jenelle lives in South Carolina, she does not see Jace, who lives in North Carolina, very often.

While Jenelle seems to be balancing her life and finding some stability, she may have had time to reflect on the harsh words she used against her mother. It is obvious that Evans has matured enough in order to recognize that her mother’s intentions were in the best interest of her daughter and her grandson.

Hopefully Jenelle Evans will continue to reach out to her mother and cultivate their relationship for the sake of her son and their future together as a family.