‘Hercules’ Flick Fails To Impress American Audiences

The big-budget action flick Hercules hit theaters last weekend, but up against anticipated films such as Guardians of the Galaxy and Lucy, it failed to spark much interest in moviegoers. The Dwayne Johnson led film took in $29 million this opening weekend, which is slightly better than anticipated (it was only expected to see $10 million, a slim 10% return on its budget).

Lucy, however, did much better than expected, taking home $44 million its first weekend, shattering expectations. And, as we’ve previously reported, Guardians dominated over every movie opening up against it, giving poor Hercules less than a fighting chance at box-office survival. The Brett Ratner-directed film is expected to perform slightly better overseas, however, as its already the top film in Russia (with $12 million), Australia ($3.5 million), and Taiwan ($1.2 million).

It’s not just a slew of heavy hitters opening against the mythology-based film that had audiences staying at home. A Rolling Stone review of the film says that this Hercules version, based on a graphic novel by Steve Moore, really had a short at creating something great, but missed the mark by including too much CGI and more brawn than brain. “Cue the battle scenes with Hercules conquering soldiers in body paint and a lineup of computer-generated creatures that turn the screen into a wash of pixels and the mind to mush,” the review says. “Audiences, we’ve been had.”

“If you want to see a faithful interpretation that treats the legend of Hercules with reverence, stay far, far away from this particular rendition of Hercules,” another review from The Indian Republic claims. “The Rock as Hercules is distracting. The Rock is just a larger than life persona.”

Another review of Hercules up at Movie Pilot slams the film for relying too much on its effects to entertain audiences. “The movie was all CG to the max!The movie falls short in any real organic feeling that connects with the mythical stories I read in books, or share any real intimate memories that had me in my movie seat,” the reviewer claims.

Have you seen the new Hercules film for yourself? Do you agree that it’s not as worthwhile as reviews claim?

[Images via hdwallpapersbucket.com and cinemotion.com]