Batmanning: It's Like Planking But Way Crazier [Videos]

Forget Planking, Owling and Deucing, those idiotic displays of showmanship are nothing compared to Batmanning, the newest craze to sweep the internet thanks to the insane nature of the stunts performed and the danger they provide.

Batmanning as the name would suggest asks participants to hang upside down like a bat, suspended only by their feet.

What could be better than watching people hang upside down by their toes? How about failing miserably at the stunt with comical and often painful results?

Here's a video of one unfortunate and hilarious batmanning fail:

Not convinced this type of action is right for you? Here's a guy planning guitar while Batmanning:

There are no rules for batmanning other than don't use your hands and the harder the location the more respect you'll get from fellow batmanning idiots.