A Penguin Proposal Makes For A Great Mid-Week Pick-Me-Up

Penguins and proposals in the middle of the week tend to mean a trip to the zoo with the kids or something work related. Well, this week penguin proposals mean the start of something beautiful!

A young man by the name of Mitch was looking for a very special way to ask for his girlfriend Casey’s hand in marriage, and after some careful consideration, he finally decided to get creative with the help of the Pittsburgh Zoo.

The two have shared a love for penguins for some time, and according to CBS Pittsburgh, their love for the birds began on their first Halloween. Mitch was given the orders to pick up some costumes for him and Casey, and when he brought home two matching penguin costumes, a new spark in their relationship was formed, and penguins became a regular theme between the two.

Of course, when it came time for Mitch to pop the question to Casey, he wanted it to not only be something special, but he wanted to take her completely by surprise. According to People, that’s when Mitch contacted the Pittsburgh Zoo. In a video of the penguin proposal, Mitch says that he thought of every possible way to include a penguin in his proposal, and even considered buying one. Once the Pittsburgh Zoo got wind of what Mitch was planning, they jumped right on in and helped him organize the special surprise.

Mitch was given a piece of letterhead from the zoo and he wrote his girlfriend a letter which told her that she had won a behind-the-scenes penguin encounter. From there, the two went to the zoo to meet up with other contest winners, who were really a camera crew there to film the proposal and before long the zookeeper led them all to a back room where they would get to learn about the penguins at the zoo and even get to meet a few.

The behind-the-scenes penguin encounter started off simply enough. Mitch, Casey and the secret camera crew began learning about the penguins and even got to meet Clark, and emperor penguin. Mitch and Casey posed with the penguin for a few photos, and it wasn’t long before the zookeeper brought out another penguin, though something was a little off about the little guy.

The next penguin, little Mickey, had a special little ribbon tied around his neck, and it wasn’t long before Casey caught on. Strung through the white ribbon was an engagement ring. As Mitch gets down on one knee, Casey did a little happy dance of her own before she finally says yes. Mickey the penguin got so excited, he even chimed in with a little penguin call of his own!

Now if this doesn’t bring a smile to your face in the middle of the week, what will! When it comes to penguins, who can really say no? What did you think of the penguin proposal? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

[Image via YouTube Screen Grab]