Barack Obama Singing Iggy Azalea’s ‘Fancy’ Is The Best Video You’ll See All Day

Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy” is the undeniable song of the summer, a tune so infectious that even haters have to agree there’s something to it. Even the President of the United States is getting in on the act, as you’ll see this video.

The video comes to us by way of YouTube user baracksdubs, and it features clips of the most powerful man in the world edited to seem like he’s singing along with Iggy Azalea’s breakaway pop-hop hit.

The newest video follows in the trend of super-editing celebrities, politicians, and other televised personalities saying select words and throwing the result on top of a phat beat. Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show has made quite a bit of hay out of this, but Fallon’s show has typically relied upon NBC anchor Bryan Williams and older hip-hop classics. Other efforts from barackdubs include Obama singing tracks from Justin Bieber, Pitbull, Lady Gaga, and Carly Rae Jepsen.

We’ve got to say the editing on this clip is top notch, as Obama’s version of the track hits all of the rhythmic notes that have made “Fancy” inescapable for anyone with ears.

“Fancy,” of course, is the track that rocketed Iggy from “underground” to household name in just a matter of weeks. The blonde Australian rapper has since encountered no small amount of controversy, with accusations flying that she doesn’t write her own lyrics and that her southern-affected accent verges on offensive minstrelsy.

That didn’t slow down the “Fancy” train, though, as the hit track stayed atop the radio and download charts for months. Even rumors of conflict with fellow rapper Nicki Minaj have served only to fuel Azalea’s fame, with fans rushing to her defense despite what the “haters” say.

It’s likely that President Obama actually knows quite a few of the words to “Fancy” already, considering that he has two young daughters that are well within the age range the song is targeted to. It is well established, though, that Obama is something of a hip-hop head. The President has been seen socializing with Jay-Z, commenting on Kanye West, and dropping rap references like it’s no thing. He might, then, be a bit less interested in Azalea’s super-poppy flare, but we’ll always have the super-edited video.