WWE News: Ric Flair Rumored To Make WWE Comeback On RAW Next Monday

When it comes to the WWE, you never know when they will surprise and excite. They have managed to have really good WWE RAW shows heading into their second biggest event of the year, SummerSlam. Most feel that WWE could do a lot with the remaining time they have leading up to the show, and even a bit the day of and after. However, nothing could be bigger than having “surprise guests” come to RAW.

WWE usually does not tease their audience with big announcements and “surprise guests” because it’s useless to do it all the time, right TNA? However, that is exactly what they plan to do next week as they celebrate Hulk Hogan’s birthday live on the show. It is said that an NWO reunion is set to happen as Kevin Nash and Scott Hall will stop by to wish the Hulkster well on his birthday. However, two other names are rumored as well.

Sting has been up in the air for a possible WWE live show debut at any point. He has done a ton of press for the WWE 2K15 video game, and he is set along with Hogan to appear at a SummerSlam fan panel next weekend. Due to the hype he has had, many feel it would be big to debut him soon. However, this seems less likely as the Stinger would need to have a night made just for him. If he were to appear on RAW next week, it would take away massively from anything going on.

So we can probably count Sting out for next week, but we do know he’ll be in town for SummerSlam. So take with that what you will.

Another name set for the show that is confirmed as much as can be is Ric Flair. This would be the first time since around this time last year that Flair did anything with WWE. Flair was in massive trouble for getting drunk at a WWE Legends Panel, which hurt WWE in their eyes. 2K Sports executives actually loved it as it added a lot of media to them. So WWE didn’t end up getting as angry as they easily could have.

Ric Flair had lost his son Reid last March to a drug overdose. He was the one that found him. This was hard on the Nature Boy to handle, so most knew he had turned to the bottle in a grieving moment. Clearly it is not condoned, but at the time he was trying to be the same old Nature Boy, party guy we all knew and he simply seemed to feel he could not do that without some help. This is why many within WWE do not hold a grudge against him over the event. It still did not look good for WWE, despite 2K Sports being okay.

Charlotte and Ric Flair

So due to it, Flair didn’t work much with the WWE after. He appearing sparingly this year, only for small periods of segment time along with appearing with his daughter Ashley or WWE’s Charlotte at an NXT event where she won the NXT Women’s Title.

Flair ended up passing WWE physicals and thus, he is able to wrestle or take bumps…depending on what the WWE asks of him. Due to that, WWE has been thinking of a potential role for Flair. There was an idea to team him back up with The Miz, but due to Miz’s change in character, they may not have him manage the Awesome One. Instead, there has been rumors of pairing him with Flair look-a-like Dolph Ziggler. There have been other ideas, but most feel that Flair’s role with WWE will be in a manager role for the near future.

As for next week’s RAW, it is most likely that Flair will appear during the Hogan birthday segment. While the WWE could have Flair do something else on the show as well, that is the current plan as of this writing. It is said that Flair is “officially coming back” for a bit after this week’s RAW. However rumored, that is has yet to be discovered. Do not be surprised if we see Flair have something open ended on top of his appearance during the Hogan segment though.

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