Christine Aguilera And Yum! Brands Pass The Red Cup To Fight World Hunger

Christina Aguilera joined Yum! Foods in launching the World Hunger Relief “Pass the Red Cup” campaign on Tuesday.

The cause has been an important one for Christina since 2009, when she became a global spokesperson World Hunger Relief. “The global hunger issue can seem overwhelming. The fact that more people will die from hunger this year than AIDS, malaria, tuberculosis and war combined is unbelievable. I’ve seen the emotional and physical toll hunger takes on the communities and families it impacts,” she wrote in a blog post for the Huffington Post. “It’s a subject so close to my heart and has been for a long time, being a mom,” the very pregnant Aguilar added.

Aguilera told ETOnline, “Very soon I’ll be the mother of two children and I’m so grateful that I can provide for them, but there are millions of moms around the world who can’t feed their kids. This cup is the symbol of hope for kids who receive one meal a day from the world food program.”

With the UN, Christine has been on hunger relief trips to Haiti, Guatemala, and most recently, Rwanda. As the official spokesperson for the Yum! Brands World Hunger Relief effort, she has raised millions of dollars for the cause.

Business Wire reports that, according to the United Nations, almost 850 million people worldwide aren’t getting enough to eat. Yum! Brands World Hunger Relief effort is the largest private sector campaign to fight chronic hunger. The relief effort extends to more than 125 countries, with more than 40,000 Yum! Brands Taco Bells and Pizza Huts involved in the cause.

The Pass the Red Cup challenge is Yum! Brands newest initiative to raise awareness for global hunger and inspire people to donate $5 to help feed 20 children on the HungertoHope website. All money collected will go directly to the World Food Program’s efforts to fight hunger.

Executive Director of World Food Program, Ertharin Cousin, expressed his gratitude to Christina Aguilera and Yum! Brands for their continuing efforts in feeding the world’s hungry. “The World Hunger Relief campaign is a great example of how much can be accomplished when individuals rally around a good cause. Because together, by providing access to nutritious food, we can help millions more hungry people create a better future for themselves. A future where zero hunger is a reality and children everywhere can pursue a life of truly infinite possibilities.”

Christina is asking her fans on social media to join her in her #PasstheRedCup social media campaign. “Together we can create a movement,” she said.