Rottweiler Rescue Organization Investigated for Alleged Animal Abuse, Emaciated And Dead Dogs Found

A California Rottweiler rescue organization is under investigation after 11 dogs were found emaciated and living in their own feces. Another three dogs were found dead on rescue organization premises.

According to ABC News 10, the Yolo County Animal Services division of the sheriff’s office went to Second Chance Rottweiler Rescue in Davis and found the dogs, along with three others that died. The sheriff’s office had received a tip about the state of the rescue center and the concern for the dogs housed within. Renee Lancaster, who runs Rotts of Friends, another rescue group in Davis, took in the dogs. Lancaster notes,

“All of them were dehydrated and in a severe condition when we got them. Being a retired peace officer I see a lot of ugly stuff. It was probably the worst I’ve ever seen.”

Second Chance Rescue is operated by Elain Greenberg who is 74-years-old. Greenberg runs the operation without much help, but does have a board for the non-profit organization that consists of five members. The news publication, Davis Enterprise, notes that the board members only visit the rescue grounds about once per year, the rest of the time the facility is maintained by Greenberg alone.

Since the animal cruelty charges have been brought against Greenberg and her Second Chance Rescue organization, Greenberg has finally spoke out about the charges. Greenberg told the Davis Enterprise, “I think I should get my dogs back,” and that everything is being “blown out of proportion.” Greenberg claims the dogs were cared for daily but that the officers came to the house just prior to feeding and watering time.

However, officers who rescued the dogs as well as Lancaster with the Rotts of Friends group said the dogs were in an emaciated state upon arrival and that they had been without food and water for extended periods of time. One dog, for example, weighed a meager 57 pounds when Lancaster said a healthy weight for that dog would be 85 pounds. Photos of the dogs published in Davis Enterprise also paint a grim picture of the dogs’ state of health.

The Sheriff’s Capt. Larry Cecchettini said that the case is being investigated thoroughly and the dogs will remain in the care of Lancaster for recovery. Greenberg claimed the dead dogs found on the property were old and had only been dead a few days. However, police reports indicate that decomposition was heavy meaning the dogs had likely been dead much longer. Greenberg claims the decomposition occured faster due to the heat.

The investigation is ongoing, but the Rottweilers who were rescued are now in the good hands of Lancaster who says the dogs are already gaining weight and thriving in her facility.

What do you think should happen to Greensberg? Do you believe her claims that she was caring for the dogs appropriately, or do the pictures tell a different story?