Russia Wants Order, Even From Ducks: Russian Man Orders Ducks To Attention, Marches Them Into Barn [Video]

A viral video of a Russian man ordering some ducks to attention and then marching them into a barn has gained over one million hits in just four days. The video features a bare-chested Russian man exiting a barn surrounded by some ducks. The ducks are casual at first, wandering around the yard. However, as soon as the shirtless Russian yells out, the ducks immediately go into an attention formation and follow him directly into the barn.

The person filming seems to be getting quite the kick out of the whole ordeal and can be heard laughing in the background. Meanwhile, the ducks aren't breaking form and march directly into the barn, following the Russian. They are moving at a brisk pace, but then the Russian yells again and all the ducks immediately move into a full on duck sprint. As the ducks enter the building, a few at the end can be seen slowing down. As soon as the man yells again, the ones at the end run to catch up with the rest.

I am not sure what the man is saying to the ducks, but it is apparent they do. One thing is for certain, the duck whisperer of Russia is making his way across the web thanks to YouTube.

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What do you think of the Russian duck caller? It appears that in Russia they expect order and obedience from everyone, including the ducks. Do you wish you had the magic duck herding powers of this shirtless Russian man?