LeBron James’ 12-Pound Weight Loss Incredible , Andrew Wiggins Snub Not

Thin is in, and LeBron James’ dramatic weight loss of 12 pounds and diet in the offseason is proof. However, one thing thing remains a mystery: why is the world’s best basketball player allegedly snubbing fellow Cleveland Cavaliers teammate, Andrew Wiggins?

King James is coming off an amazing season with his former team, the Miami Heat. He and the rest of the Big Three fell short in a three-peat, but LeBron’s legacy in South Beach was sealed. Soon thereafter, Bron-Bron took his services back to Akron, Ohio, to the place where his march to dominance began.

Over his career with the Heat and Cavs, the 6-foot-8 power forward’s weight fluctuated between 240 and 250 pounds, according to LeBron’s player profile and Basketball-Reference. While that sounds like an athlete who’s had one too many cream puffs, James’ percentage of body fat was super-low. That’s why many were surprised when LeBron James’ weight loss pictures hit his Instagram account Monday.

The photo of LeBron James is not sound proof that he’s dropped pounds, inches and cut down on McDonald’s French Fries. Selfies are known to distort a person’s true body dimensions, and many indulge in the smartphone craze as an expensive way to Photoshop away the weight — virtually, that is.

In case there’s any doubt about No. 23’s super slim-down and basketball diet, check out this photo he posted on his account:

Back to the tizzy over James supposedly not reaching out to Wiggins. Perhaps, his relationship to the team can be siphoned out of a recent media chat.

Wiggins took the diplomatic approach and dismissed a rumored “diss” from the King. Over the weekend during an interview, when Andrew was asked about any contact he’s had with LeBron since being drafted to Cleveland, he had this to say:

No. I’m sure he’s busy. I feel like I’m busy, so I’m sure he’s busy.”

However, Wiggins’ response to the next question about NBA trade rumors spoke volumes about the uncertainty that lies ahead, according to USA Today.

I just want to play for a team that wants me. So whichever team wants me I’ll play for.”

Tongue-in-cheek aside, James’ significant loss in weight could be aimed at a number of motives, according to Sporting News. One could be related to his I Promise initiative, which is his pledge to stay active, among other things.

Another could be due to the fact that his aging frame — he turns 30 in December — felt the rigors of full-court basketball last season. Who can forget seeing James hobble off the court several times during the playoffs last season with cramps or a lack of wind?

However, another is wrought with a larger degree of skepticism. A number of sports prognosticators suggest LeBron James trimmed down to fit comfortably into the small forward role, commonly called the three position in the league.

And an even more intriguing guess is that his rumored snub of Andrew Wiggins is his indirect campaign for the Cavaliers’ front office to make the Kevin Love acquisition happen. LeBron has stressed in the past how he’d love to partner with the 25-year-old Minnesota Timberwolves power forward.

At the three, James doesn’t need the bulk he depended on in the past to muscle his way to the paint. And as the trend goes in the NBA: aging ballers, who can no longer depend on their legs for throwing it down, begin to settle into scoring with mid-range jumpers.

At this point, it’s all supposition, but don’t count out the prevailing theories. Besides, LBJ is a standup kind of guy, and a snub is likely a longshot possibility.

What do you think of LeBron James incredible weight loss?

[Image via All You Can Heat]