Beyoncé Dissed By Jay Z’s Mistress In New ‘I’m Sorry Mrs Carter’ Clip

Beyoncé and Jay-Z have been in the news headlines a lot recently, with rumor after rumor alleging the celebrity couple are on the cusp of an imminent divorce.

These rumors are breaking at an interesting time though, as the couple are currently in the midst of their financially lucrative On the Run tour, which ends in September.

How lucrative?

According to reports, $100 million lucrative! Therefore, Bey and Jay need to play things right. or risk losing all, or a substantial part, of that money. reported today that one of the main sticking points between Beyoncé and Jay-Z are the allegations that Jay has had a host of mistresses, one of whom, a rapper named Liv, just released a video clip entitled, I’m Sorry Mrs Carter, which is laid over Outkast’s 2001 hit Ms Jackson.

Even though in the clip Liv denies actually having sex with Jay-Z, she clearly disses Beyoncé, claiming she could never understand the emotional closeness that she and Jay share.

In the upbeat track, which you can view for yourself below, Liv raps:

“Me and Jay never screwed. We connected on some hip hop s—, he could be himself with me any day that s—. We were attracted like magnets, us crossing paths was no accident. When I stepped out, I took a piece of his heart.”

Liv made news headlines last year when she claimed to reporters that Jay-Z hit on her hard way before he married Beyoncé in 2008. The song, which is probably little more than a publicity stunt, promotes the narrative that Liv is the double victim of Jay’s advances on her and Beyoncé’s resulting jealousy.

The track kicks off with: “I was gonna respect you, but since you crossed over into my lane, it’s time to check you. Your man? He likes all natural, flawless model chicks like me.”

As if Liv is “a natural, flawless model chick.” I mean — really? Don’t y’all agree Beyoncé is way hotter?

Either way, the clip fires line after line dissing Bey, including: “You got 99 problems, I’m not tryin’ to be one”, and “all my single ladies better keep in mind when them those tables turn you gon’ be the wife”.

We’ll let you watch the clip and decide for yourself if it has any truth to it, or is simply a publicity stunt.