Kate Upton Seeks Attention, Receives Baseball from Cy Young Winning BF

Justin Verlander and Kate Upton embrace.

Kate Upton looks good in a bathing suit, this much we know. But how would she look if she was decked out in the black and orange uniform of Major League Baseball’s the Detroit Tigers?

The Tigers may want to finding out the answer fast, because the gleaming 22-year-old beauty can catch! Upton’s highlight reel grab came during the first game of a four games series between the AL Central’s Detroit Tigers and the AL East’s New York Yankees last night.

Kate Upton’s 31-year-old superstar pitching, former MVP winning boyfriend was given the night off, but she wouldn’t let her beau relax. Upton made Justin toss her a baseball during a night in which he was supposed to be resting his multi-million dollar right arm.

In all seriousness, the six-foot, five-inch, 225 pound Right Handed Pitcher didn’t look all that winded after soft-tossing the ball a few feet into the first row from the visitors dugout. Still imagine if he sustained a freak injury? Kate would have been labeled the Jessica Simpson of baseball and written off as a hot tease and a bonafide curse. All is well though!

This incident was very cute, but the sparks really flew between Kate and her hunky boyfriend over the weekend! According to the Daily Mail, Justin took Kate to a Whisky bar and the pair enjoyed a romantic evening out. Wouldn’t an uptown bar (pun most assuredly intended) been a more appropriate locale though?

The on-again, off-again couple first started seeing each other in January of 2013. But Kate Upton and Justin Verlander seem to be fully invested in each other now. And lets just say that their flirting was a home run for the media in attendance for Monday’s game. The whole affair was delectably recorded and photographed. You can watch the video here.

The Yankees and the Tigers play three more games this series, all in New York, so Kate Upton fans in attendance or watching the game live may get many more opportunities to see the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Cover Model in the flesh.

Oh and by the way, the Yankees edged the Tigers 2-1 thanks to the strong pitching performance of recent acquisition Brandon McCarthy from the league leading Oakland Athletics… But enough about the actual game. Let’s talk about Kate some more shall we?

Kate Upton is curvy, vivacious, photogenic and bubbly. Yay for Kate Upton!

That said, some would argue that the real winner of Monday nights game wasn’t a result of the on-field play at all. The actual winner would be Verlander. After all, he presumably got to go back to his hotel room with Kate Upton.

[Photo Courtesy of Chat Sports]