‘Guardians Of The Galaxy 2’ Will Revolve Around Peter Quill’s Mysterious Father, Says Marvel Chief

Guardians Of The Galaxy‘s monstrous success at the box office over the last few days means that a sequel to Peter Quill, Gamora, Drax The Destroyer, Rocket Raccoon and Groot’s adventure is almost a certainty.

In fact it is a certainty. Not only did Marvel announce that a new Guardians film would be released in 2017 just last month at San Diego’s Comic-Con, but Kevin Feige, the head of the studio, has previously declared that it is an integral addition to their burgeoning cinematic universe as it will help to propel further additions to their catalogue in a different direction. It also helps that it’s made a butt-load of money too.

Feige has now added to these comments with further revelations about what the intergalactic sequel will entail. Warning, if you haven’t seen Guardians Of The Galaxy yet then you probably shouldn’t read ahead because numerous spoilers are mentioned.

Talking to IGN Movies Feige was asked about the revelations throughout the final moments of the film regarding Peter Quill’s father. It was not only declared that Quill was half-alien because of his dad’s DNA, but it was also unveiled that his father had hired the Ravagers to go and pick-up his son from Earth, a task that they did at the start of the movie. Unfortunately they never actually dropped him off with his real father though and instead raised him as their own.

Feige was asked whether Quill’s unknown father would feature in the sequel, and he all but confirmed his presence by explaining, “I think it’s pretty important. I think there’s a reason we seeded it at the very end of the film like that. I think that would certainly be part of a next Guardians adventure. Certainly, that would be party of it.”

As The Inquisitr reported over the weekend, details regarding Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 have already started to emerge. James Gunn, who directed the beloved sci-fi behemoth, recently confirmed that there will be further additions to the posse in the follow-up.

During a Q&A on the day of the film’s release, he was asked who might come on board the Milano, and he declared, “Can’t give it away but there should be at least one more Guardian from the comics.”

Meanwhile, Easter Eggs that were dotted throughout the film also teased the presence of Cosmo the Space Dog and Howard the Duck, but it remains unlikely that either of these two characters will actually prominently feature in future Marvel films.