June 16, 2013
[Confirmed] Eddie Murphy Oscar Host

Actor/Comedian Eddie Murphy is finally returning to the stage in front of a live audience where he will be telling jokes and entertaining everyone for a few hours. Unfortunately this stage appearance isn't his triumphant return to stand-up comedy but instead his new gig as Oscar host.

This years Academy Awards show will be produced by Brett Ratner, who also happened to direct Eddie Murphy and Ben Stiller in the upcoming comedy Tower Heist.

It turns out Murphy is a huge fan of the Oscar's and quite the movie nut which apparently made him the perfect choice to host the film industry's most prestigious awards show.

If nothing else we know for certain that Eddie Murphy knows how to perform in front of a crowd, not only from his stand-up days but from his time spent on the hit NBC series Saturday Night Live.

Many of Murphy's comedy contemporaries have had their shot at hosting the show, it only seems fair that he now has his time to shine.

If nothing else Murphy can rest easy knowing that he's following James Franco, who despite his amazing acting talents couldn't do anything to make the last airing of the awards show interesting along with co-host Anne Hathaway.

What do you think about Eddie Murphy taking to the Oscar's stage to host the event? If nothing else it should generate quite a bit of buzz for the awards ceremony. On the other hand if his performance is worse than Franco's he might want to think of retiring from the acting business all together.