Paperboy Saves Customer From Collapsed Chair, Customer Nearly Died

Newspaper sales may be declining as digital media takes over but were you aware that having a print subscription could actually save your life! That’s what 75-year-old Evelyn Rogers learned this week when she was rescued at 5am in the morning by her paperboy.

Evenlyn had sat down in an outdoor chair at 6pm the night before and the chair collapsed inwards on the senior citizen, forcing her to remain in a very uncomfortable and life threatening position until 5am when she was discovered by her paperboy.

Speaking to the Austin American-Statesman Evelyn recalls:

“I couldn’t get out of it, and I couldn’t turn it over.”

Rogers was home alone when her family went out of town and she says only her faithful Chihuahua was found by her side.

Realizing she was in dire straights Evelyn says she prayed that her family wouldn’t return home to find her “dead in the yard.”

As her paper delivery person pulled into her driveway she says she began screaming and her dog began barking.

Her paperboy said of the incident:

“I was just horrified,” and “All of her was just sandwiched between two bars of the chair.”

Since she couldn’t be freed by a single person he called an ambulance and held her hand until it arrived at which time it was learned that Evelyn had suffered a minor heart attack. Evelyn is fine and recuperating from her ordeal with her faithful Chihuahua still by her side.

I’d like to see your iPad save you from a collapsed chair!