Joan Rivers Should Be Boycotted For ‘Racist’ Justin Bieber Remark Says Village People’s Victor Willis

Joan Rivers recently slammed Justin Bieber as “a little b*tch” who thinks he is a “big black thug.” She has now been criticized as a “racist” by original Village People star, Victor Willis, who is calling for a boycott.

Original Village People member Victor Willis has furiously slammed provocative comic Joan Rivers as “racist” after she used a racial stereotype to describe Justin Bieber’s fashion style.

Joan Rivers gunned hard for Justin Bieber last Friday during another edition of the TV show “Fashion Police” which the 81-year-old co-hosts, where celebrities’ fashion choices, abilities and often characters are typically assassinated.

Case in point: the comedienne’s acid attack on the Canadian star’s colorful ensemble for a recent shopping outing to a Whole Foods store in Los Angeles.

You never knew the Biebs shopped in Whole Foods? Well, he does.

On the day which later incurred the “Wrath of Rivers,” Justin wore a purple, graffiti-design, Alexander McQueen sweater, baggy, black leather pants with a leather wrap that looked like a skirt, a black hat, a gold chain and white sneakers.

“That little b*tch just gets on my nerves,” Joan snarked on the show, referring to Bieber.

Then, digging into her bottomless bag of insults, Rivers addressed the “Baby” singer directly, blasting:

“You are not a big black thug, you are just like your shoes – ordinary and completely white.”

River’s “big black thug” comment isn’t sitting well with Willis, who is now calling for a boycott of her show. He thinks the host has not only stepped into “racist” territory with that remark — but has a history of doing so.

Willis, 63, who was the “traffic cop” in the Village People, took to his Twitter and Facebook pages on Sunday and linked the “Fashion Police” clip to his followers.

In an accompanying caption, the African-American entertainer asked fans to speak out and condemn Rivers, writing:

“What Joan Rivers Said Is No Laughing Matter! It’s Racist! And She Has A History Of This. Time To Shut Her Down! What Say You?”

What @Joan_Rivers said is no laughing matter! It's Racist and she has a history of this. #boycott @Eentertainment4

— Victor Willis (@victorwillis) August 3, 2014

So, readers: Thoughts? Is this just love-her-or-hate-her, vintage Rivers, or is this a serious case of racism masquerading as comedy?

Quite apart from the fact that Justin Bieber is free, like nearly everyone else on the planet to wear what he wants, Rivers does have a well-documented history of making comments that have offended Jews, black people, Italians, the gay community, the Irish and many others — as well as her general “shtick” of churning out baiting remarks.

Just a few months ago she was criticized for telling a joke about the women who had been abducted and found in Cleveland, Ohio. More recently, she verbally attacked Selena Gomez, Rihanna, Kristen Stewart and Lindsay Lohan, among others.

In January 2011, Rivers told Howard Stern on his radio show that she cut a joke out from her stand up routine in which she referred to First Lady Michelle Obama as “Blackie O” because she was afraid of being labeled a racist. She said the joke was meant to be a compliment to Obama’s fashion sense.

The “joke” was:

“I said she’s got such style. We used to have Jackie O, now we have Blackie O.”

Notably, Stern’s co-host Robin Quivers asked Joan: “Where’s the compliment in that?”

But Stern asked, “Isn’t that what’s wrong with this country?” referring to Rivers’ act of self-censorship. To which, the comic replied, emphatically, “yes.”

In November 2013, Rivers offered TMZ her opinion of MSNBC’s then recent firing of Alec Baldwin for allegedly using a gay slur, and proceeded to insult every racial and ethnic group she could recall in under 30 seconds.

Joan:”What do I think about Alec [Baldwin]? Everybody just relax. Everybody’s either a w*p, a n***a, a k**e, a ch**k, a f@iry, a m**k — everybody’s something so why don’t we all just. Calm. Down.”

TMZ: “And we should be thankful for you.”

Joan:”Be thankful that we’re all living in [the US] and stop everybody getting so damn uptight! And this goes for the Indians — both dot and feather!”

During a February 2013 edition of “Fashion Police,” Joan made a joke about German model Heidi Klum that many considered highly offensive, in which she said:

“The last time a German looked this hot was when they were pushing Jews into the ovens.”

Despite an outcry – which included anger from the Anti-Defamation League – Rivers refused to apologize for the tasteless gag.

In August 2013, again on an edition of “Fashion Police,” Rivers cracked this dubious line.

“That dress reminds me of a bus in the 50’s in Mississippi, all the color is in the back.”

Many more examples of Rivers using arguably, offensive racial, ethnic slurs, or just straight-up rudeness can be read here, here, here and here.

So that’s just part of River’s history.

Do you agree with Willis that the comic needs to be “shut down” for her “racist” comments about Justin Bieber and all the other examples in the past?

And if so, do you think people are afraid to challenge Rivers for fear they will be attacked?

The comic appeared to allude to the new furor at her Twitter account on Tuesday.

Let us know your views in comments below.