'Bachelor In Paradise' Episode 2 Spoilers: An Affair Revealed, A Rose Rejected

Stacy Carey

The premiere of ABC's Bachelor in Paradise aired Monday night, and it was all kinds of crazy. The Bachelor and The Bachelorette fans are already addicted, and they can't wait to see what comes next. Viewers got a juicy preview at the end of Monday's show, and they are anxious for more Bachelor in Paradise spoilers. Luckily, there are quite a few available.

ABC's press release teases Bachelor in Paradise spoilers that there is a "shocking twist" about to be revealed. ABC confirms what Reality Steve spoiled months ago: Michelle Kujawa had "an illicit hookup" with a crew member. That tease she gave while she was in the limo driving away, that perhaps she had already found love? That was most certainly a reference to her secret little affair.

Fans saw in the preview for episode 2 that Chris Harrison will confront Michelle about it, and that takes place at the hotel where she went after she left the show. Reality Steve had said that the crew member had been hiding out with her and actually jumped out of a window to try to keep the secret. Unfortunately, he broke bones in the process and viewers got a glimpse of that in the Bachelor in Paradise spoiler preview.

While that will all be crazy, there is plenty more ahead. Two new bachelors will arrive with date cards, and Clare Crawley is asked on a date. They will get a massage, while Marcus Grodd and Lacy Faddoul start to develop their romance. This will lead to some jealousy from Robert, and there will be challenges between Elise and Dylan as well. Elise seemingly tries to make Dylan jealous, but it backfires.

Apparently Clare goes on a second date in this episode, and it goes well. Dylan gets a date card too, "but the woman he chooses to invite causes some drama amongst the others." There is also drama when one bachelor is busted for having a girlfriend back home, and eventually "one woman's decision leaves everyone talking." One person will even reject a rose in this second episode.

So, who are all the key players in episode 2? Reality Steve's Bachelor in Paradise spoilers fill in the gaps. Chris Bukowski and Zack Kalter are the new arrivals, and Chris is the guy Elise starts to connect with that makes Dylan jealous. Clare goes on a date with Zack, and Sarah will go on a date with Dylan.

As for the guy with a girlfriend back home? That would be Ben Scott, and he will leave the show over it after a confrontation with Marquel. When it comes to the rose ceremony, Reality Steve's spoilers indicate that Michelle gives a rose to Marquel and Lacy gives hers to Marcus. Clare gives hers to Zack while AshLee of course gives hers to Graham. Elise tries to give her rose to Dylan, and he rejects it. He had actually told her ahead of time, when she was trying to smooth things over with him, that he would reject it, but she tried anyway.

Elise then gives her rose to Chris and gives some big speech, and this is surely all tied to the drama teased by ABC. That leaves Sarah giving her rose to Robert, meaning Dylan is left out in the cold. So, Dylan and Ben are the two departures in episode 2. Things are off to a wild start with this new show, and it sounds like there is plenty more drama to come. ABC's Bachelor in Paradise episode 2 airs Monday, Aug. 11.

[Image via ABC/Craig Sjodin]