More Miracles Of God Protecting Israel Are Reported, Are The Hamas Fighting A Losing Battle?

In the Old Testament, there are numerous stories of events and coincidences that miraculously protects God’s People, the Jews. However from past reports, miracles are not limited to the past as we here at The Inquisitr reported the Hamas saying that Israel is protected by their God, and their missiles actually change direction in the air. There was another report saying the Hamas never said such a thing. Unfortunately for the Hamas, they cannot claim falsification for the other miracles testified by the Jewish state.

Reports are coming in that more miracles are happening in favor of Israel. With no rational explanation on how it is possible, Israel is claiming they are “miracles from God” exampled from the Old Testament.

According to The Times of Israel, it reports that Givanti Brigade commander, Ofer Winter, explains the miracle that protected him and his brigade, in the ultra-Orthodox weekly Mishpacha. He was recently met with criticism for rallying his troops with religious messages which includes the importance of yeshiva students studying the Torah as beneficial for the war effort, as through the following statement:

“Especially in a time of war, when there is a strong urge to join the fighting forces, we need to emphasize that what the Jewish people need is yeshiva students who will sit and study Torah with greater strength and courage.”

Ofer Winter also claims to have witnessed a miraculous occurence, the likes he has never seen before during his military career. From his eyewitness, he said a predawn raid that was intended to make use of the dark as concealment was delayed thus forcing soldiers to move forward with their objective as the sun was rising. This put the soldiers in danger of being revealed, but the miracle happened as Winter explained:

“Suddenly, a cloud protected us.”

That’s right! A cloud came down and protected them in the concealment appearing like fog. It was also reported that the cloud miracle was referenced to the Holy Bible that says clouds protected the Israelites wandering the desert.

The Blaze reported a second miracle for early July, right before the fighting broke out. According to Biblical mandate, Jews are supposed to allow the land of Israel to rest during the entire final year of a seven-year agricultural cycle which beings next month. That means no planing or harvesting happens during the allocated year.

Aharon Samet explained on an Israeli radio show, Upside Down, that a great miracle happened thanks to the fact that they had to harvest more wheat than usual to comply with the mandate, as he states:

“This year we are before the sabbatical year, and we need to harvest wheat for two years. We plowed the land up and down looking for wheat that was sown late what with the rains that fell late this year. On Kibbutz Sufa on the Gaza border we found an entire field that was sown in mid-January, which is considered very unusual.”

Weeks later, thirteen Hamas militants infiltrated from Gaza, through a tunnel, at the exact spot near the Kibbutz Sufa, where the men farmed. The now-barren field allowed the IDF surveillance to spot the infiltration as they emerged. The article reports that the Hamas were probably surprised to find their environmental cover was missing.

The Hamas emerge from a tunnel in the midst of a field. They were wide open because the extra harvesting left the field barren.
The Hamas emerge from a tunnel in the midst of a field. They were wide open because the extra harvesting left the field barren.

In conclusion, Ofer Winter explained that soldiers experience so many miracles that it is hard not to believe in God. However, we want to hear from you. Do you think these miracles are truly from the one and only God, or are they – despite their frequency – just favorable coincidences for Israel? Let us know in the comments below.

[Images via IDF]