WWE News: Huge Update On CM Punk's Future In WWE, Is A Court Date Coming?

To think the saga between CM Punk and the WWE ended with his contract officially coming to a completion failed to see the big picture that is to come between these two. In a prior update, the sense from within WWE sources laid claim that a legal battle could take place, due to Punk failing to uphold to the conditions of his contract. However, new information may lend a hand in confirming that rumor.

Paul Heyman appeared on the MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani and talked about CM Punk's devotion to never wrestle again and the fact the WWE may never want him back again.

CM Punk's goal in life is to never lace up his wresting boots again, whether it be for WWE, Ring of Honor, Japan or anywhere else.

Heyman said Punk believes if he comes back, he will be a failure. Heyman also thinks that Punk feels his success in life is predicated on never going back.

Heyman also noted that he believes WWE doesn't want Punk back ever again. Of course there's always the chance that something happens down the road and Heyman pointed this out.

Heyman is right in the sense that something could happen that leads the dynamic duo back to sweet harmony. However, that is still not expected to occur for quite some time. Like I always tell people, if the Ultimate Warrior and Bret Hart patched things up, so can Punk.

As for the legal trouble, Punk could be in for the legal fight of a lifetime. Inside the report with Heyman's interview, it's felt that within WWE that legal issues could become a reality, instead of a rumor. What Culture also reported on the fact that if a court date would be set soon, that wouldn't surprise anybody.

So, with a few very credible sources reporting that trouble could be heading for Punk, the "rumor" may not be a rumor for much longer.

CM Punk

The entire situation was handled so poorly by Punk that I don't blame fans for feeling betrayed. After all, he was the most-popular superstar the WWE had in 2011 and 2012 that led to a downhill fall to the depths of hatred by the WWE Universe. Yet, at every single WWE show, they chant his name.

Logic suggests that the people who chant his name, yet bash him for leaving, are hypocrites. While that is true, it is not easy to get up and dislike a favorite wrestler. Speaking personally, he's my second-favorite wrestler of all-time behind Edge. If Punk were to miraculously return, I'd jump out of my seat.

As I await the hate, that is simply an opinion. Everyone has theirs, and remember; pro wrestling is all about opinionated people who will live and die by their morals.

Much like Punk, he lives his life the only way he knows how, his own way. Love the man or hate him, everything that was done came from the heart. Meanwhile, the WWE sits and waits to make their next move. Whether they give Punk a subpoena or not, neither party is done and the ugliness is just about to start.

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