Lindsay Lohan Autobiography: Troubled Actress Reportedly Wants ‘Fifty Shades’ Author To Ghostwrite Her Book

Lindsay Lohan has reportedly expressed plans to write an autobiography that details her experiences in showbiz, her troubles with alcohol, and her wild, crazy sex life in one single book.

According to the Daily Mail, the Freaky Friday actress has reportedly met with publishing house execs to discuss the possibility of a book deal that promises to spill everything about Lindsay’s rocky road life. For fans, this means getting to read all the juicy details about Lohan’s alleged hook-ups with big Hollywood stars like Collin Farrel, James Franco, and Justin Timberlake.

A source told the Sun that the potential publishers were allegedly amazed by the actress’ pitch, especially with the complete Hollywood sex list Lohan promises to deliver:

“Lindsay held meetings at major publishing houses in London recently – and the stories she promised the literary agents made their jaws drop.

‘She’s prepared to put everything out there and has already proved she’s not shy with the list of men she claims to have slept with.”

Lindsay Lohan’s autobiography is also rumored to contain her experiences as a child star and her troubles with alcohol, which costed Lohan her fast-growing career during the mid-2000s.

Not only is she reportedly set to start the project, she is also rumored to get E.L. James, the author of Fifty Shades of Grey, to ghostwrite the autobiography for her. The Sun’s sources said:

“Lindsay is now looking for a ghost writer. It may seem unlikely, but she thinks she’s in with a shot of getting EL James to work on it – they met recently at [London nightspot] Chiltern Firehouse and got on well.”

If you think that’s crazy, you should know who Lindsay Lohan’s second choice is. According to reports, the Mean Girls actress also has her eyes set on – wait for it – J.K. Rowling, the writer of the Harry Potter series. We’re seeing a working title now: Lindsay Lohan and the Ankle Monitor!

To be fair, Lindsay is really trying really hard to turn her life around and stay off bad substances. So far, so good. There hasn’t been an incident of booze-driven craziness since she was sentenced in L.A. last year. In fact, the sex list Lohan wrote earlier this year was a part of a rehab activity she undertook at Cliffside Malibu Treatment Center.

Lindsay Lohan is also paying a sober coach named Doug Caine $2,500 a day to keep her afloat as she struggles to keep her booze-free life in tact.

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