Rick Perry Takes Top Spot In GOP Poll, Chips Away At Bachmann Supporters

James Johnson

ABC and the Washington Post have released a new joint poll that show's GOP Presidential hopeful Rick Perry leading Michelle Bachmann and the rest of the Presidential hopefuls in the Republican primaries.

According to the poll Perry is preferred by 27% of voters and is followed by Mitt Romney at 22%, Sarah Palin at 14% and Ron Paul at 8%. Bachmann who won the Iowa straw poll is all but down and out with just 6% of voters choosing her for President.

Furthermore the poll has found that 30% of voters believe Rick Perry has the best chance against President Obama, while Mitt Romney is given a 20% vote of confidence versus the President.

When asked who would be best for the economy voters gave a tie to Perry and Romney, a fact that could hurt Romney's chances at winning the primaries since one of his biggest strengths is considered to be the economy and he has been unable to pull ahead in that important area.

With Rick Perry leaning far to the right with a deeply religious point of view it was expected before the poll that Perry would likely cut into Bachmann's polling numbers and take the lead heading into primary voting season.

In other Bachmann news her campaign manager and his deputy both backed out of their positions this week with the latter citing differences in how they believed the campaign should be run compared to how Michelle was choosing to operate.

Apparently Michelle Bachmann supports aren't buying her promise for $2 gas, while Perry is appealing far more to Tea Party Members thanks to his right wing rhetoric and religious affiliation.

Who do you think has the best chance of helping the GOP win against President Barack Obama?