These Kids Were Asked Questions About Marriage, Dating, And Love. Their Earnest Answers Will Pleasantly Shock And Surprise You

Dating and marriage are perhaps two of the most complex human engagements in written history. There are multiple complications and after the first few “happy” days, couples start to experience the dull aching pain and subsequently long for their solitary existence. Ironically, when people are single, they crave intimate companionship.

Kids aren’t expected to make sense of such ridiculously entangled glob of human emotions. To understand how these kids perceived dating, marriage and the significant events in between, psychologist and eminent specialists asked these youngsters for their opinion. Their responses are not only simplistic, but many-a-times spot-on and remarkably cut through the gibberish, tangled mess that often perplexes adults and makes these things a lot harder than they actually are.

Is It Better To Be Single Or Married?

When asked, this 9-year-old had an interesting, but gender-biased reply. According to her, girls are much more particular about cleanliness, but boys aren’t & hence it is the males who need to have someone to clean-up after them

Though Practically, A Bit Difficult, This Kid Does Seem To Have Figured Out The Male-Female Functions In A Marriage

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What Do Most People Do On A Date:

Dates are certainly tricky. The two people are often strangers and certainly do not know much about the other. This could be a right opportunity to “stretch” the truth a little.

That Might Be The Most Apt Description About A Date

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There’s a video too!

This Girl Might Make The Perfect Girlfriend. She Is Willing To Actually Stop Speaking And Listen

When Is It OK To Kiss Someone?

A kiss can tell everything about a man, said Will Smith in Hitched. So when is the right time?

This Kid Might Have Got The Legal Facts Wrong, But Saving It For A Serious Relationship Is Surely Great

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On The Other Hand, This Little Girl Might Have Stumbled Upon An Ugly Modern Secret

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What Would You Do On A First Date That Was Turning Sour?

A close encounter with someone you have just met can go south pretty quickly. How should one respond or react under such dire and awkward circumstances?

This Kid Takes The Concept Of Avoidance To A Little Extreme, But 'Disappearing Dates' Is A Common Phenomenon

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How Do You Decide Who To Marry?

This is perhaps the most complex of all questions. The divorce rates are climbing alarmingly. Hence, shouldn’t it be mandatory for all couples to ask this question?

It Starts Great, But Ends Pretty Badly. Although Letting The Husband Be King For A While Might Be Good For A Marriage?

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That's One Smart Kid. But Perhaps Lays A Lot Of Trust On God? The Ending Is A Killer Though

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What Is The Right Age To Get Married?

Many people ponder the question as with age comes wisdom, or so they say.

Perhaps The Concept of 'Forever' Differs Vastly If You Are A Aged 10

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Though This Would Technically Eliminate Divorces Completletly, Is It The Best Decision?

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How Can A Stranger Tell If Two People Are Married?

People often speculate if the couple across them is married or not. Though not always possible, simple observation about their behavior can easily indicate their marital status.

This Kid Is An Expert Observationalist. Having Cleverly Deducted A Simple Test

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What Do You Think Your Mom And Dad Have In Common

Parents must have something in common to have been together for this long, right?

Ouch.. This Kid Must Be A Handful And Realized It Long Ago

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How Would You Make A Marriage Work?

Getting married might be easy, but staying married certainly isn’t. There’s no “formula” for a happy married life, right? Surprisingly, there is a sure-fire way.

This Kid Might Have One Of The Happiest Wives, But Only If She Knew The Truth!

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How Would The World Be Different If People Didn’t Get Married?

Kids are born when couples are married. But pregnancies can occur either ways. Though there are hundreds of single moms and dads, doesn’t the kid deserve a complete family?

How Did I Come Into This World Would Be A Little More Awkward

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Though these young minds have yet to be exposed to marriages and dating, they sure have grasped the concept and pitfalls too, right?

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