Jennifer Aniston Facing Financial Troubles?

Jennifer Aniston is enjoying life, despite the non-stop rumors that continue to plague the Friends actress. The Inquisitr recently reported about an Instagram post showing the bubbly Aniston at her best - smiling mischievously at the camera while donning a trendsetting braid described by some fans as the next "Rachel". If you don't remember, the "Rachel" was that godawful hairdo Jennifer had in the early seasons of her career-launching sitcom.

Being Jennifer has its downsides. Actresses of her caliber are often subjected to rumors that easily spread on social media like wildfire. So what's the latest juice on her? According to a few speculations making rounds on social media sites, Jennifer is reportedly experiencing financial troubles. Hard to believe, we know, but rumors began to circulate when stories of the star reportedly selling her L.A. house started to hit the internet. Unsurprisingly, fans and haters were quick to speculate, but according to the Bustle, there is no need to worry.

Jennifer Aniston is doing fine - incredibly fine, in fact. She can buy a castle in Europe tomorrow and it won't hurt her wealth even a tiny bit. This year alone, Aniston made $31 million bucks from various projects. And unless you're a Walton or a Buffet, that amount of money is anything but measly. So how does Jennifer keep getting major bucks. Bustle gives a brief explanation on how Aniston manages to get by.

Believe it or not, Jennifer Aniston still gets a lot of money from Friends syndication, which continues to be shown on hundreds of channels around the globe. There is serious money in reruns. Just ask Jerry Seinfeld, who snagged $400 million last year almost exclusively from Seinfeld syndication.

Say what you will about her movies. Jennifer Aniston's chick flicks earn a lot of cash! We're The Millers received lukewarm reception (which is already quite a feat compared to her past films), but in the end, Aniston, who got to take home $5 million, had the last laugh.

Even on Hollywood standards, Jennifer remains to be one of the most financially successful actresses of all time. Her recent projects- and even her future ones - ensure a comfortable life ahead of her.

In other news, Aniston's claim as one of the highest paid TV actresses in history (alongside Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow) has been officially challenged by a landmark deal between Warner Bros and the stars of Big Bang Theory, who were able to negotiate a million dollar an episode deal with the big bosses. Fans have been comparing Kaley Cuoco to Jennifer Aniston, who both played similar, quirky characters in their respective sitcoms.