Jessica Simpson Breast Reduction Could Happen Before Wedding [Rumor]

Jessica Simpson wants to lose some weight above the waist specifically from her breast region. Rumors began circulating on Tuesday that the former Reality TV star and fiance to former NFL player Eric Johnson is considering a breast reduction before she ties the knot.

If the rumor is correct the reality TV star turned multi-multi-millionaire will have the surgery completed before she moves forward with her November wedding.

Speaking to In Touch Weekly an insider from the Simpson camp revealed:

“She thinks if she downsizes her breasts, she will look smaller. She’s never loved having a huge chest.”

The move shouldn’t surprise fans of the singer, she has admitted in the past that she struggled with big boobs since she was young, she even thought about strapping them down at one point to make them look smaller.

She said of her large breast size:

“I was well-endowed when I was in sixth grade. There’s no way to hide them, as much as you want to bandage your boobs down. I was the first girl in my class to wear a bra. I remember crying in the bathtub. All my friends were super-skinny.”

Do you think Jessica Simpson should tone down her breast size? If it’s just to make her look smaller in general I find it a bit silly, however they can’t possibly be good on her back.