Forget that Rogaine stuff, Yale researchers discover hair growth trigger

While it might be the cool look these days for men to run around with shaved heads but the fact is that male balding is a big business however they may want to find a new line of business if this research out of Yale bears any fruit.

The research team, led by Valerie Horsley an assistant professor of molecular, cellular and development biology, have discovered a trigger in the fatty layer of the human scalp that can spur hair regrowth.

When hair dies, the researcher team led by Valerie Horsley, assistant professor of molecular, cellular and developmental biology, observed that the layer of fat in the scalp that comprises most of the skin’s thickness shrinks. When hair growth begins, the fat layer expands in a process called adipogenesis. They identified a type of stem cell – adipose precursor cells – within the skin’s fatty layer that is involved in the creation of new fat cells. They showed that these cells’ production of molecules called PGDF (platelet derived growth factors), was necessary to spur hair regrowth in mice.

via GizMag

The research was published in the September 2 issue of Cell